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I saw this on ebay and noted that the VIN seemed to maybe just barely match the date code.  Records show that N628000 VIN's began in April and thus, an 04C date code would be off slightly.  Also, this car was listed and sold at Barrett Jackson back in 2010 with a listed date code of 04D.  Did someone change the trim tag? 

Also, I question this being a real Z11, as there are just a few things off slightly.  For example, the seat headrests (non-angled) are too early for being a pace car.  The air cleaner is wrong, the wheels are wrong, among a few other minor issues.  It could or could not be what the listing says, and I have questions.  Anyone else have an opinion?

I put a nice chip in my fender and darn it, it was my own stupid fault. And of course, it was an inch above my protective mat.  It's not huge, but it's right on the inner edge of the fender near the hood, and is easily seen.

Anyway, my original paint that I had used for touch up has dried up to a completely unusable rubber ball, and even though I have looked around on the internet a bit, I cannot find a touch up bottle of this color.  Does anyone know where to find a small touch up bottle of paint for 69 Camaro Dover White?  Or, does anyone have any left from a recent paint job?  All I need is a half a nail polish bottles worth.  If you do have some, but it is in a big can or similar, I can send you a clean and empty nail polish bottle to fill.  I will be more than happy to send money and pay for the paint, your time and trouble, and shipping and all that for your efforts.



I feel like this is a stupid question, but darn it if I can't find the answer anywhere else.  I need to replace all the bleeder screws at all four wheels.  I don't know the sizes or the part numbers of them. Is there a kit of the four bleeders offered out there or does HELP packages have these.  What info can you guys help me with so I can replace my four bleeders. The front are disc and the rear is drum, so I am pretty sure they are different front to back.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just wondering.  I know it seems so basic of a question, and I think maybe I knew the answer at one time, but I just don't know.  What are the rules on console gauges and center clock and tach?

I was sure I had asked this question before, but damned if I could find it in the archives, or any notes I thought I would have taken from it. 

Anyway, my Quadrajet carb on my 69 SS350 is not original and I would someday like to remedy that if I can.  I currently have a 7029223 IY  2488 on the car and a 7040511 QT  0620 I bought at a swap meet many years ago. 

Anyway, I know the number I need, which is 7029202 with the second to last digit possibility of a 0, 1, or 2 for Chevrolet, and the last digit being an even number for automatic.  What I don't know is what would be a good date code?  The date code is a 4 digit number with the last digit being the year (ie:  _ _ _ 9), and the first three digits indicating the number of days into the year.

My body date code is 04C, with my original block date code being  the 2nd week of March.  How do I find out what would be a proper date code for the Quadrajet?  What determined this?  What range of numbers should I look for?  Is there a chart somewhere that I can print out or refer to?  What is the source of this info?


Just thought I would post this in case anyone is interested. 

I have heard of the 04L date code phenomenon, where it was theorized that the "E" on the dye may have broken and produced an "L" instead.  First, can anyone verify if this was the case or something else?  Finally, here is a pic of a trim tag showing the "04L" on the trim tag.  I never saw this before and thought it cool to finally see it.  So, here it is for other Camaro geeks like me who have never seen it before and want to.

Hey guys,

Bryon and I are in need of your Camaro pics.  Now, usually when I ask (beg) for pics, I get maybe, if I am lucky, 3 or 4 submissions.  This is just plain unacceptable.  Yes, I understand that all of us first gen guys are busy and working tirelessly to fix up, restore, and just plain keeping our wonderful Camaros running.  Now, of one thing I am certain, if you own a first gen Camaro, you  have a pic of it...heck, you have bunches of pics of it....more than you do of photos of your wife, your mother and your first born child combined.  All Bryon and I are asking is for you to send us just ONE pic of your Camaro...just one...PLEEAASSSE.

Now, I have asked nicely, and I am sure that all of you are going to take the 2 minutes it will take to send a Camaro pic to the email below.  While you're at it, send two or three.  Pick your favorites, the one or two photos that really makes your Camaro look awesom. 

For those of you that are going to ignore this request, and still think I am not serious about this request, know this...Bryon and I have hired a Haitian Voodoo Priestess (At great expense I might add), and we have instructed her to conjur up Camaro demons, goblins and gremlins...Thousands of them if need be, and she has instructed them to go out into the world and find every single first gen Camaro, and possess them. 

Yes, I am being dead serious here...this is no joke.  All of you have until Midnight Sunday to send a pic or two of your beloved Camaro to us.  If you ignore this very simple request, these demons will be released and believe you me, they will go to town on your Camaro.  You think you are going for a nice peaceful and enjoyable cruise with your favorite girl this weekend...think again.  It will not happen because you didn't send us your Camaro photo.  You car will develop one of the following "hiccups" if you will...a mysterious water pump leak, an alternator that will stop charging your battery even though it's brand new and you just replaced the voltage regulator, your rear wheel cylinder will spring or horrific leak, your power steering will go out, or your engine will just plain die and you will not know why.  Is it the points?  The fuel pump? Bad coil? Clogged fuel filter?  Fouled plugs?  Oil leak?  You will have no idea what went wrong, and you know exactly what I am talking about.  We all have encountered these same demons before, but this will be worse, much worse.  Picture these imaginary demons on steroids times ten to the 12th power plus infiniti and one.  That is the damage I am warning you of.  That is how much more badder it will get.  And for those few that have completely ignored this warning, and are now laughing at this small request and saying to yourself, "Not gonna happen losers"...well, you may just find the next time you look in your garage, that your Camaro has been replaced with a Pontiac Aztec.  Not laughing now...are you.     

And you guys still working on restoring your Camaros and not planning any driving soon, you are not exempt.  I do not give a rat's patootie if your Camaro isn't done.  Still in primer, so what!  You have some rust...who doesn't!  Your wheels and tires are dirty (Really?!...dirty wheels?  Shame on you...clean them and then get your Camera, snap a pic or two, and send them in).  This site isn't about just show queens, it is about ALL Camaros, OUR Camaros, perfect or not, in progress, who's isn't?  I want a pic of your car.  And if you fail to heed this dire warning, Those voodoo gremlins will make sure you are in for it.  Spent countless hours prepping your Camaro for paint...well imagine some Gremlin putting a squirt of WD-40 in your air line (Fish-eye much?).  Imagine him moving your motor mounts over just 1/8th of and inch as you try to install that new crate engine.  Ever seen a Gremlin drop a nut down your know exactly what it is 2 seconds after you start it up?  They may even cause you to slip with that screwdriver while installing your new $500 door panels.  Or maybe he'll be nice and let you find that last push rod only seconds after tightening down the last valve cover bolt.  Oh the fun these evil little trolls will have, and all because you couldn't be bothered to help a fellow Camaro owner out you selfish so and so.     

Nice Camaro you got there.  It would be a damn shame if somethin bad wuz to happen to it...wink wink nudge nudge, know what I mean?  You know what I mean?  I'm talking to you.  Yeah you, the guy shaking his head with the know who you are. 

My god, we live in a day and age where everyone has a hi-tech camera in their pocket.  Would it really kill you to take just ONE pic and send it in? Do you hate us that much that you can't be bothered to send in a single photo?  Please, for humanity's sake. 

So, at the stroke of midnight Sunday, if Bryon and I do not have at least ten pics of each year (Yes you too you damn lazy 67 Camaro owners), we will instruct the high voodoo priestess to release the kraken....errrr... I mean release her Goblins, Gremlins and Demons, and instruct them to wreak havoc on your Camaro.  Havoc will be reeked...I assure you.  Heed my warnings.  I am warning you for your own good.  Bryon has told me I am being way too harsh, but I have told him it must be done.  My repeated request will not ignored any longer.  I do NOT want to do this, but drastic times call for drastic measures.  The high priestess has instructed us and stated that we would have to wear beaver pelt hats, houndstooth patterned PJ's, and pink (or yellow) bunny slippers (Don't judge) while singing a secret chant that has hot yet been written, in order to summon the leader of these demons, goblins and gremlins, whose name shall not me named, and he will send out his army of the unpleasant, and they will search out and seek vengeance on you selfish non-sibmittin Camaro picture people.  So be warned, I shall not beg again (unless you want me to).  Do it for yourselves, do it for your beloved Camaros, do it because it is the right thing to do, do it for your country...the red white and the's Uncle Sam who's asking, so your mother will approve, do it for it to shut me up so I don't have to beg and write nonsense like this again. 

Plus, I hear that every time someone emails a photo of a Camaro, a millennial gets sad and has not safe space nearby.  Also, if you act now, I will personally mail you a coupon for 20% off your next purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  You will receive it within a week or two...I guarantee it. 

So please please please, send pics now. 

Send them to the photo guru, the grand poobah of pics, Bryon.  (Seriously, he is really good at this stuff).  And please, try to send in a good usable photo.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many times someone sends me a photo of what I assume is an awesome Camaro, but you wouldn't know it, because it's out of focus and blurry, cropped so that half the car is missing, shows the gas tank and rear bumper only, or is really a photo of grandma with a small miniscule Camaro a mile away in the background )  I'm not kidding, I get these more than you would think.  You all have seen a car magazine at one like that. 

And if you are really really nice, and want the gods to sing praises of you...have stories told about you and your Camaro, passed down from generation to generation, for thousands of years, until you have reached godlike status of yourself, with noble stories told of you and your noble chariot defeating the evil forces of the lords of Ford and Chrysler...send in a few pics and a story telling all about your Camaro.  Tell us stuff like how you bought it, what you did to it, what you plan to do to it, the good, the bad, the ugly.  And Bryon will make you and your Camaro, the FEATURED car of the month.  You will become famous, you will be known throughout the world, people will ask for your autograph, Mustang owners will convert, Brad Pitt will ask you for tips on how to pick up hot chicks, and you will be the envy of all.  Plus, it would totally cool of you to help us out and stuff.

So, send your pics and possibly your car story to Bryon at:

You will not be sorry, and soon, one day, you will see your Camaro pic on the CRG homepage website.  Now how cool is that?

Thanks guys,

Steve and Bryon.   

Charles Bronson is driving quite insanely in his 69 Camaro.  None of us today would even come close to driving our bone stock Camaro in this manner. 

Anyone notice anything out of place here.  First one to figure it out wins.

Hey guys,

Well here I am again, looking for yet another recommendation in the wonderful world of reproduction parts.  I have a 69 Pace Car, and the hugger orange seat backs are looking bad.  Not just faded, as some spray dye could remedy that, but they are dry rotting.  The plastic is "burned" for lack of a better word, and the scratches I have are deep.  The plastic flakes when anything but a light touch strikes it. 

Anyway, I bought a pair about 15 years ago when I was restoring the car, and they were HORRIBLE.  The orange color was way off, and was almost a light orange as opposed the beautiful hugger orange we all love.  But the color was the least of my complaints.  The shape was not even close.  The curves were not right, and where the cover is supposed to turn in and meet the seat at the top, it looked bad.  Can't explain it fully, but anyone who has aftermarket panels from this time frame, knows they just plain sucked. 

Have the panels for sale today gotten better?  How do they compare to original?  Is the color right?  Is the contours and curves close?

If you have an opinion on the latest offerings, please let me know...good or bad.


General Discussion / Where To buy Hugger Orange Spray Dye
« on: March 08, 2017, 12:57:32 AM »
Hey guys,

I am looking for hugger orange spray dye.  I bought OER hugger orange years ago, and got lousy results, but it was the only one I could find.  Plus, I can no longer find it where I bought it before.  So, is there a better product for hugger orange spray dye out there and where can I find it?



Hey guys,

I have a 69 Camaro that I would like to put in a console from another car.  However, my shifter is a little to far forward and to the left.  So, that would mean I would like to bring the shifter down about an inch or so, and to the right about an inch or so.   Are there any companies that sell custom off set shifters? 

Hey guys,

Well, I am looking at the offerings for boot covers for my convertible, and they all look great in the photos, but which one will fit the best?  I see some for about a hundred bucks and some for over two hundred.  I don't mind spending the money, but I have learned that sometimes the most expensive is not's just more expensive.  I have the clips from my original boot, so I don't care if the boot I buy comes with them or not.  I see TMI makes one, PUI makes one, and I read that PUI is better and then somewhere else someone says PUI stinks. 

So, has anyone actually bought a boot and is happy with the way it fits?  Would you recommend it or say pass?  Let me know.



General Discussion / Fake 1969 Camaro Indy Pace Car Alert
« on: January 02, 2017, 05:02:33 PM »
hey guys,

I came across this 69 Pace Car for sale that says it is a numbers matching big block with manual transmission.

older ebay posting here:

However, I have been keeping track of every 69 Camaro pace car that is listed for sale and can be found on the internet.  I have several hundred in my database so far.  When I looked up this same VIN "625725" I show that is was a non-numbers matching small block with automatic transmission and was sold by sfsportscars on ebay back in January 2013.  One of the things in my notes was that the car had incorrect black door pulls...which this car also has. 

It appears to me, this seller is being less than honest, and someone is doing some numbers tampering. 

Just thought that any prospective buyers might want this info before buying this all original numbers matching pace car.

General Discussion / Real Indy Pace Car or not?
« on: December 31, 2016, 07:33:01 AM »
Hey guys,

Just looking thru ebay and came across this 69 pace car.  Not sure if it is real or not.  The trim tag shows 02D and the VIN matches up to that  date range.  However, this would put it within the same range as the festival cars.  Yet this VIN is not on the list of the known festival cars. 

So, I have a couple questions.  First, were there non-festival cars built within the date range of the festival pace cars?  And, what is your opinion on this being a real pace car or a fake?  The trim tag shows Z11, but we all know that can be done.  There is just way too many things that do not look right, even with just the few photos the seller posted.  There is no wood dash trim.  Someone added the console gauges as there is no clock, but I do know that not all pace cars had the gauge option.  The seller states he is unsure of the pedigree of this car as well.  So, based on the little bit we know, what is the overall opinion?

General Discussion / Different size 1969 Camaro Headrest
« on: September 30, 2016, 04:50:17 PM »
I have what I was sure was a 69 Camaro headrest.  I needed to replace one of my headrests as it was ripped.  I found a single headrest at a swap meet, and bought it.  It has the bend in the bar, and a date code of "12-5-68-2" stamped on it.  The hole punched in the lower half of the bar is a circle, whereas, my other headrests have a date of April 1969, and a square hole punched in the lower bar.  What is really confusing though is that my four original known Camaro headrests that I have are all approx. 13-3/4" across.  Whereas, the one I bought that is dated 12-5-68-2, is only 13" across.  It is smaller, and the underside plastic cover does not fit and it sticks out over the sides. 

It looks in every way like a 69 Camaro headrest.  I read the article on headrests here, but cannot find out why this one headrest I have smaller.  It is not a 67 or a 68 as it has a December 1968 date code, and a bent bar, which from what I understand, is indicative of 69.  So, what do I have?  Is this from a Firebird?  Were Firebird headrests smaller?  Is there another car using a headrest like this?  Any help would be great.

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