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Restoration / Paint manuracture suggestions
« on: October 25, 2005, 01:47:00 AM »

  I posted this question in the old forum just before it ran in to problems.  I did get one response to the following question:

  I am in the process of getting my car painted, the original color was British Green (ZZ).  I am looking for recomendations for paint maufactures i.e. DuPont, Glasruit, House Of Color, etc. which matches the original color as close as possible if not exactly.  A paint code/part number and manufacturer would surely help me in this search.

The one response I did get on the old forum suggested Glasruit.  When I went to thier site however, I did not find any listing for British Green and they suggested that I contact a "Local representitive". :(

Please help if you can, and thanks for your answers in advance!  ;D


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