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Originality / Paint Stripe Info.
« on: June 07, 2011, 09:07:57 AM »
Hi guys, I'm going to paint the bumble bee stripe on the '68 this week and I need to know what code or color to tell the PPG dealer for a black stripe. Thanks for any help, RonM.

Restoration / Sound Deadener Overspray
« on: October 01, 2008, 08:55:29 PM »
Hi all, I want to spray sound deadener on the rear wheelwells on my "68" and need to know if there was any overspray on the underbody when the factory sprayed it. I couldn't tell because the car was also undercoated. Thanks for any help, RonM.

Decoding/Numbers / Is VIN # 124379N642657 in the database
« on: January 25, 2007, 12:55:50 AM »
Tonight I was talking to an old friend and the subject of the cars we use to have came up. Well one of the cars he use to have was a "69" SS350 that he still has the paper work for, including the owner protection plan with the p.o.p., the car invoice showing all the factory options and the owner's manual. If the car is still out there he said he would not mind parting with it. I'm going to bring the engine and a bunch of other stuff from my "68" L30/M20 to Jerry in a couple of weeks. I'll bring the paperwork with me for him to look at and copy if he wants to. RonM

Decoding/Numbers / Pitman Arm I. D.
« on: November 12, 2005, 02:56:51 PM »
I'm trying to find out what pitman arm I have on my manual steering "68". The number on it is 20 GMT 3935075A which I can't find listed anywhere. Thanks for any info. RonM.

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