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General Discussion / Opinons on tires and wheels for my Camaro
« on: July 24, 2011, 11:33:25 PM »
After a long restoration my 69 is on the ground. It has Uniroyal Tiger Paw's on it. These are 42-year-old tires so I won't be driving on them. I need to do a second set of tires and wheels and originally thought I would put another set of XT wheel on it with some repop Goodyear’s. I have begun to rethink that solution and am now thinking that I should look at all my options.

The car is restored and bone stock but still maybe a set of after market/day two tires and wheels would look nice. Whatever I do I need to do it fast so more than likely a set of wheels that is being produced currently is what I need to use. Am open to anyone's suggestions. And no 22" wheels, 14" and 15" only :)

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