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Originality / Hood insulation factory retainer markings
« on: May 07, 2022, 05:12:07 PM »
I picked up a bunch of factory hood insulation retainers.  As I was cleaning them I noticed some markings.  I checked with a bag of originals I had and they have the markings too.

They are on the underside with a "B' on top and a number on the bottom.  So far I have seen the number range from 4 to 32 (still cleaning the pile).  The 32 negates a day of the month :), but might be a line or run number.  I guess it is possible they had at least 32 injection stations and used the number for quality control.

Any thoughts? 

Originality / Convertible top tack stick screw question
« on: May 07, 2022, 05:04:46 PM »
So I picked up some vert parts at a local swap meet.  Both my 69 Camaros have a thicker bolt to hold the lower tack sticks (staple edge of canvas top to, then they get screwed to the body).  I needed a couple more for my set and they were in the bucket.

But the bucket also contained these thinner screws that are the correct length.  I see the ones they sell repro are also thinner.

So what sizes are 67 & 68?  Also maybe these thinner versions are for other body styles and the repro catalogs just say they will also fit F body's?   

I feel for 69 vert owners that order the repros and they do not fit the factory holes :(

Originality / Decals for 1969 Camaro 327
« on: January 10, 2022, 12:17:04 PM »
I have an early Oct 68 build Camaro with a 327 2bbl.  I need to get some decals for the original engine I am getting restored.  Looks like I need the pn# 6424492 (A169CW) black Service decal. 

I see a lot of repro ones avail.  Are they close to original?

I looked at Don Lightfoot's site and did not see that one, but I plan to get some cowl induction decals for my other Camaro.


OK, I have been pulling out boxes of parts and organizing fasteners, restoring and bagging, so when I start to assemble my Van Nuys 69 SS, all the parts will be ready to install.  Since I am now retired, that goal is inching forward.

So now looking at fuel and brake lines as well as brake components and valves.  I ran across some dating questions. My SS is an 05A build but was one of the first hundred or so Camaros built after the April 1969 strike with the "leftover" parts.

I bought my SS in 1982 when it was in the process of being stripped for parts.  I was able to grab quite a lot, but engine and trans were gone.  An old pic shows the power booster and master cyl still there, so it had that.

Now in my youth I bought rusty 69 Camaros and parted them out, but kept the best parts for my car.  I did not buy any higher dollar cars like SS or Z28, since those were still expensive and rare in the 80s.

But I did find one other Camaro with power disc brakes, since I saved two sets of rear 2 piece brake lines (and two sets front lines and 2 disc setups).  I never throw anything away. :) Since I was young and stupid, I did not record any numbers or take detail pics.  :(

So I have two brake lines with the proportioning valves on it, one must be my original and one must be from another car.  So one of the valves is 332 8, the other is 060 9.  Which one do you think is my original?

I have only one 9204 booster (doubt I would have sold a booster as I would have held on to those) dated 334 of 68.  I also have 3 power steering boxes, one is 338 8 and one is 020 9. Once I saw those close dates, I began to wonder if they were my originals.  Prop valve 332 (Nov 28 68), booster 334 (Nov 30 68) and steering box 338 (Dec 4 68).

So what is the likelihood of these brake components being made in OH in late 68, then being shipped to LA.  Where they could have sat in the bottom of the bins and not installed until early June of 69?  Pretty far fetched, right? :D 

Video happened sometime around Thanksgiving of 2021

350/auto car, Car #26

An hour long of them (Dennis Collins TX) looking at all the cars parked in the woods 

Start the discussion of the Pace Car 25:31
Talking about car being at the festival 27:04
Pulling out Pace car @ 41:37

Rockers are toast (as is much of the car) But Hey, It can be restored!


Originality / 69 fender brace weldnut differences
« on: October 10, 2021, 05:02:36 PM »
OK, I thought I have seen almost everything with my 69 parts, but ran across a new question while organizing parts for my SS.  These have been saved for 30+ years.

I have two pairs of fender braces (one set will be sold).  The top 2 weldnuts are welded at an angle with the bottom two weld nuts have a different orientation/look.

Which one is correct for my June 69 SS? :)  I am leaning towards the "straight" pair as they match my Oct 68 car's braces. 


Originality / 3927116AU smog pump pully question
« on: December 06, 2020, 06:21:17 PM »
Hi all, I have two smog pump pulleys, both stamped 3927116AU, but one is stamped in a curve and one is stamped in a straight line.  I do not remember which pumps they came off, had two 69 pumps and two 71/72 pumps.

I need to put one on my 69 SS, so which one should I use, curved or straight? The straight one is a light stamping. thx

Not mine, saw on Craigs list:

1968 Camaro engine 3914678 L48 350 Almost complete for Manual w/o K19 - $1,600 (East Brunswick)

1968 GM Camaro L48 350 engine Block casting# 3914678 Almost complete for Manual w/o K19 smog.
Almost complete, un-molested 1968 Camaro engine 350-295 L48 engine . Block, Crank, Rods, Pistons, Heads, Intake, Carb, Exhaust manifolds. This engine was taken out of a beautiful white 4 speed SS / RS convertible and replaced with a Corvette engine. Motor was disassembled and stored in my garage for 40+ years. Date codes are from May of 1968, within 2 weeks! Stamping is for a manual trans without K19 smog. If you want a nice engine most important parts all ready for a Chevy II or Camaro, here it is. This engine was pulled not because of damage! Most Gaskets and bearings still in place.
Crank has a grease on it for storage, most wipes clean, not rust. Stamping dates from May.
Car was sold with a 69 Vette engine, around East Brunswick in late 80's. I have the correct engine for it, just missing a few parts. If you know Vin number 444758, let them know. Note the one picture of the exhaust manifold has a broken bolt hole for the stud.
Missing oil pan, dipstick and tube, air cleaner.
Block is listed for 1968 as 302, 350 and 327
Condition is Used, I will put engine and parts on a skid, you arrange for pick up. listed on craigslist for local pick up. Contact me for for pictures and information about pickup location.

Restoration / Smog tube nuts replacement source?
« on: February 24, 2019, 04:45:20 PM »
So I am working on my smog systems, was able to get the original drivers side smog tube off without drama.

But the two center ones on the pass side are getting destroyed.  Still working with penetration and heat, but the fittings will have to be replaced :(


These manifolds are from Dec68/Jan69 range.  Everything I have read is 1/4"-18 NPSF, but the threads are NOT 18, they are 20.  Plus I think they are steel, not brass? So anyone have a source?  I did think about buying a plug set and just drilling out the center of two of them.


1969 - Orphans / 19N513263 M-22 Newark NJ
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:36:50 PM » The 2nd number of Vin is tough to read, I think it is a 1.

Up for sale is a Muncie m22 rock crusher # P9S09C, Main Case #3925660,Tailhousing # 3857584 GM, Side Cover # GM 3950306 Type: M22 2.20 1st gear. Rings: None Ratio: 2.20 / 1.64 / 1.28 / 1.00 / 2.27 10 spline inputs came with 27 spline output shafts. Original 1969 unit that came out of a camaro.

Restoration / 69 spring label colors?
« on: July 05, 2012, 03:14:53 PM »
I have been trying to finish up the labels for my camaros, I figured out the LF7 should have had YA coils and BS monos, the L48 should have EL coils and BF multis.  Of course neither of those is reproed.  I am going to get Don to do them, but I do not know the colors? The part numbers are here, but no mention of colors.  The repro leaf spring decals are all yellow, is that correct?  Blue seems to be the default repro color for the coils.  Has there been any documentation on the label colors vs the part number/code?  thanks, Kevin

General Discussion / Steel wheel alignment bumps??
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:21:56 PM »
Been searching here, TC and the web on what the bumps (little weld spots) are used for on steel wheels, but cannot find the post I remember.  I know they are for lining up the marks on the tires for better balance.  But I cannot remember if the marks (on tire, the high radial point) line up or opposite, and if there are no marks, use the valve stem hole?  Got new radial TAs and have a wicked shimmy above 60mph. Going to take them back on tuesday for a redo, but I want to get all the info before I go, :) thanks

Site Comments/Discussion / Virus on Team Camaro!
« on: February 04, 2012, 01:27:42 PM »
Guys, went on team Camaro forum (after yahoo home page) and then AVG alerted on a crytpic.DUY virus.  hit the recommended "remove" link.  Then went back into team Camaro and then the virus hit, wiped out my hard drive :(  Got out my backup PC to send this.  Someone please get a note to Dennis and the other mods there to contact the admins to find this.  Now I have a whole weekend to rebuild my systems.  what fun!

1969 - Orphans / 19N524266 327/210 engine Eatontown, NJ
« on: November 09, 2011, 08:24:48 PM »

327 CHEVY SMALL BLOCK - $450 (Eatontown) NJ

Date: 2011-11-08, 8:07PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

.030 over with flat top pistons, milage unknown since rebuild but looks pretty clean inside. It's been sitting in the garage on an engine stand for over 12 years! Block casting #3932386, date code J-8-8 (10/08/68), stanped # 19N524266 VIOI6FK, removed from a '69 camaro. Driver's side dip stick. Head casting #8927185, date code J-15-8 (10/15/68). $450 OBO.

Cash only in person, no checks, scammers etc. Reply with phone number and I will call you back.

If you are reading this ad it's still available.

Key words: Chevrolet, chev., sm. block, engine, V8, V-8, 283, 327, 350,

Location: Eatontown
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Site Comments/Discussion / Butternut yellow on the CRG page!
« on: March 03, 2009, 09:52:18 PM »
Guys, nice job on getting all three year's pics in butternut yellow (or similar name :)) If you found a 67 vert in yellow, then it would have been a 3-pete (with the 68 and 69 vert!)  When I get my hugger orange vert done, I will provide a pic for the home page.  thanks!

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