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1969 - Orphans / 19N513263 M-22 Newark NJ
« on: January 30, 2017, 08:36:50 PM » The 2nd number of Vin is tough to read, I think it is a 1.

Up for sale is a Muncie m22 rock crusher # P9S09C, Main Case #3925660,Tailhousing # 3857584 GM, Side Cover # GM 3950306 Type: M22 2.20 1st gear. Rings: None Ratio: 2.20 / 1.64 / 1.28 / 1.00 / 2.27 10 spline inputs came with 27 spline output shafts. Original 1969 unit that came out of a camaro.

Restoration / 69 spring label colors?
« on: July 05, 2012, 03:14:53 PM »
I have been trying to finish up the labels for my camaros, I figured out the LF7 should have had YA coils and BS monos, the L48 should have EL coils and BF multis.  Of course neither of those is reproed.  I am going to get Don to do them, but I do not know the colors? The part numbers are here, but no mention of colors.  The repro leaf spring decals are all yellow, is that correct?  Blue seems to be the default repro color for the coils.  Has there been any documentation on the label colors vs the part number/code?  thanks, Kevin

General Discussion / Steel wheel alignment bumps??
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:21:56 PM »
Been searching here, TC and the web on what the bumps (little weld spots) are used for on steel wheels, but cannot find the post I remember.  I know they are for lining up the marks on the tires for better balance.  But I cannot remember if the marks (on tire, the high radial point) line up or opposite, and if there are no marks, use the valve stem hole?  Got new radial TAs and have a wicked shimmy above 60mph. Going to take them back on tuesday for a redo, but I want to get all the info before I go, :) thanks

Site Comments/Discussion / Virus on Team Camaro!
« on: February 04, 2012, 01:27:42 PM »
Guys, went on team Camaro forum (after yahoo home page) and then AVG alerted on a crytpic.DUY virus.  hit the recommended "remove" link.  Then went back into team Camaro and then the virus hit, wiped out my hard drive :(  Got out my backup PC to send this.  Someone please get a note to Dennis and the other mods there to contact the admins to find this.  Now I have a whole weekend to rebuild my systems.  what fun!

1969 - Orphans / 19N524266 327/210 engine Eatontown, NJ
« on: November 09, 2011, 08:24:48 PM »

327 CHEVY SMALL BLOCK - $450 (Eatontown) NJ

Date: 2011-11-08, 8:07PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

.030 over with flat top pistons, milage unknown since rebuild but looks pretty clean inside. It's been sitting in the garage on an engine stand for over 12 years! Block casting #3932386, date code J-8-8 (10/08/68), stanped # 19N524266 VIOI6FK, removed from a '69 camaro. Driver's side dip stick. Head casting #8927185, date code J-15-8 (10/15/68). $450 OBO.

Cash only in person, no checks, scammers etc. Reply with phone number and I will call you back.

If you are reading this ad it's still available.

Key words: Chevrolet, chev., sm. block, engine, V8, V-8, 283, 327, 350,

Location: Eatontown
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Site Comments/Discussion / Butternut yellow on the CRG page!
« on: March 03, 2009, 09:52:18 PM »
Guys, nice job on getting all three year's pics in butternut yellow (or similar name :)) If you found a 67 vert in yellow, then it would have been a 3-pete (with the 68 and 69 vert!)  When I get my hugger orange vert done, I will provide a pic for the home page.  thanks!

Restoration / tailpan seam sealer usage?
« on: August 17, 2008, 02:59:16 PM »
So my 69 Camaro is in the shop for final paint.  Does the seam sealer between QTR and tailpan extend all the way to the bottom?  Or does it end behind the bumper? If so, where does it end?


Originality / black floor sealer?
« on: March 18, 2008, 08:40:32 PM »
my 69 Camaro floor needed minor patching.  Now I want to replace the sealer.  The factory used this big globs of black coal tar looking stuff on top of the primer.  I would like to keep it looking somewhat factory.  What was/is that stuff? 

I will put the modern sealer down first, prime and then put the goop on top for looks.  Thoughts?

Originality / 67 Z cowl plenum air cleaner lid? Jerry McN?
« on: January 17, 2008, 02:20:52 PM »
I have an air cleaner lid that might be the same as the one used on 67 Z/28s with the flat hood cowl plenum air cleaner.  Does anyone have the exact measurements to compare to? My lid measures 16 7/8" in diameter (edge to edge) and has a rubber seal on the inside outer edge. below is a pic and the thread that was discussing the lids.  Thanks!  BTW Hi Jerry!  Long time no talk to :)

Originality / 69 front end bolt decode
« on: December 15, 2007, 01:56:31 AM »
After pouring over the AIM, AMK catalog and my bolt bins, I have come up with a decode for the front end bolts for 69 at least. I started this over on TC. Anyone care to comment? 

Front end bolts decoded - corrected

The front end is held together with many types of bolts. Part numbers are listed in the AIM. Pointed means the earlier style with the cut ends, not the later ones with threads all the way to the end. I will try to describe them below:

3960314 - 5/16-18x13/16 flanged, pointed
3846201 - 5/16-18x5/8 captured washer .75, flat end
3846202 - 5/16-18x7/8 captured washer .75, pointed
3853846 - 5/16-18x7/8 captured washer .75 toothed, pointed
3899538 - 5/16-18x7/8 captured washer 1.50, pointed
3847757 - 5/16-18x7/8 captured washer .75, flat end
3856065 - 5/16-18x1 captured washer .75, flat end w nut
3963329 - 3/8-16x1 3/8 captured washer 1.31, pointed
3839741 - 3/8-16x1 3/8 captured washer 1.31, flat end

Header to upper fender- 3960314; 3 required per side
Lower valance to fender extension- 3960314; 3 required per side
Fender to fender extension- 3960314; 5 required per side
Fender to firewall upper- 3963329; 3 required per side
Fender to firewall and inner fender lower- 3839741; 2 required per side (w U-nut)
Radiator support to fender and brace- 3846201; 3 required per side
Brace to fender- 3960314; 1 required per side
Fender to inner fender- 3846202 (w/o Z21) 3853846 (w Z21); 6 required per side (w U-nut)
Inner fender to Radiator support lower- 3846202; 2 required per side
Inner fender to inner fender brace 3899538; 3 required per side
Firewall to Inner fender brace lower pass side - 3847757; 2 required
Firewall to Inner fender brace lower driv side - 3856065; 2 required
Radiator support to radiator shroud bracket - 3960314; 2 required
Valance & grill support to rad support - 3960314; 4 required
Valance & grill support to front license bracket 3846202 assumed
Lower hood latch 3846202; 4 required
Upper hood latch 3846202; 4 required

1969 - Orphans / 9N695256 TH400 with 396-350 on ebay
« on: September 06, 2007, 07:14:44 PM »

Up for auction is a rebuilt 396-350 HP engine with a T-400 transmission with all '69 date codes, from a 69 Camaro with the original Quadrajet. Numbers are as follows:

 Casting # - 3969854

Date Code - I 12 9 T0919CJG

Heads - 3964290 H209 H209

Water Pump - E 27 9

Intake - B 1-9

Carb # - 29204FF0909

Vin on Trans - 19N695256

Tag # - 09-69-25788

 I have pictures of all the numbers. Not all the pictures will fit on ebay, so I would be happy to email the rest of the pictures I have of the motor and its numbers upon request. If you have any questions please call Eric at (205) 807-5021, I prefer answering your questions on the phone rather than playing email tag, you can reach me any time of the day. Thanks, Happy bidding.

Seller: ericsclassiccars( 10) 

Decoding/Numbers / 67-69 Camaro Convertible windshield decode?
« on: February 25, 2007, 06:04:38 PM »
After seeing an original windshield on ebay, I decided to look at the one that has been sitting on my SS for over 20 years. I bought it somewhere in the 80s, not sure where, but it did not come on the car and has junk yard writing on it.

It is a tinted 67-69 Camaro/Firebird Convertible windshield with the shaded top. the marking on the glass are as follows:

AS-1 1-A7

It has a little wiper haze, but that should buff out

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