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General Discussion / New CRG Research Report - First-Gen Carburetors
« on: November 30, 2007, 10:17:06 PM »
Please congratulate long-time Forum member, and our most recent CRG member Ed Bertrand, on the great job he has done on the latest CRG Research Report.  Thanks Ed!


General Discussion / VT
« on: April 20, 2007, 04:44:24 PM »
Using my perogative as CRG Coordinator and primary site maintainer, I've taken a slightly unusual step - which I believe is warranted - in adding a temporary gesture of solidarity to the main CRG page.  This will be a very rare thing and has never been done before by us for an off-topic issue, though in hindsight I should have done this at least one other time.  I did not even do this after 9/11 - but I was overseas when that happened and afterwards I think I was still in too much shock to be creative enough to realize that I should have done something then with the site.

This has personally affected me in ways I did not expect and am still discovering.  I took my master's in Engineering Mechanics from the ESM department of VT in 1981-82. I still know and am in occasional touch with some of the faculty, as well as a number of alums that I see as a result of my professional career.  My little research assistant "office" was just inside and to the right of the bottom floor entrance to Norris Hall, adjacent to the doors that you've seen on TV that appear behind the emergency crews carrying out the injured and the dead.  The entire building is now closed and will remain a crime scene for a number of days yet - but the department is pulling itself together, moving to temporary quarters, and the university is reopening come Monday.  Of the five faculty killed two were from the ESM department.  Amazingly, no ESM students lost their lives, due to the timing of class scheduling and because Prof Librescu, aware that something bad was going down in the building, sacrificed his life to hold his classroom door shut while most of his students escaped out the windows.  His grip on the door failed only after he was shot in the head through the door.  There are other acts of heroism, both large and small, that will eventually come to the surface.

The Hokie Nation will survive.  But this time is, for them. in the words to me of one of my former profs - "hell on the brains and emotions for all of us".

Your thoughts and prayers for those affected are greatly appreciated.


General Discussion / New CRG Research Report - Bellhousing Alignment
« on: February 09, 2007, 08:59:09 PM »
Jerry MacNeish - CRG member for several years - has joined the author list of significant contributors to the CRG site with his new CRG report on bellhousing alignment for manual transmission cars - see

Jerry has more in the hopper, and we're looking forward to seeing the results from his next topics.

Thanks Jerry, for a great article!


Tying up the loose ends were agonizing for Kurt, :) but he completed and we have released the iniital release of a CRG Research Bulletin on the 1969 Z11 Pacers and Z10 Coupes.  See

Congratulations Kurt Sonen!

Several other new articles are in prep by Kurt, Jerry, John and others.


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