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Decoding/Numbers / Flywheel Number
« on: October 21, 2022, 04:10:49 PM »
I am changing the clutch on my 1969 Z28 with original 302 and Muncie m21.  In preparation for this, I bought a used flywheel a year ago and had it resurfaced to minimize the downtime for clutch replacement.  The number on the replacement flywheel is 379 021.  I just removed the existing flywheel, which shows 3791021.  They appear the same, bolt holes appear the same, and both have 153 teeth.  Are missing digits on cast components common?  Any reason to think the replacement flywheel is not compatible?  I hate working on my back laying under the car, so I only want to do this once.

Decoding/Numbers / Opinions on 1969 SS
« on: June 10, 2022, 03:40:17 PM »
I have been looking for a 1969 SS 396 for several years to use for a daily driver, as I don't drive my car lot and nothing new thrills me as much.  My preference is for originality.  I would be interested in opinions on the one listed here  The VIN is 124379N693767 which seems to align with the trim tag 09E assuming both are original.  The engine code is 0723JB, which would be about 2 months before the 5th week of Sept body build date code and correct for a 4-speed.  It still appears to have the original smog equipment, although the master cylinder looks to be changed.  I doubt I will pursue this one, but I keep looking at the ad as it checks most of the boxes for me.  Any information or opinions on this car would be appreciated.

Maintenance / Z28 Cam
« on: May 02, 2022, 10:55:19 PM »
I have a 1969 Z28 that I believe has its original motor based on engine code and partial VIN stampings.  I read the excellent CRG report 302ci Engine OEM Valvetrain Adjustment and wanted to adjust my valves.  Then it dawned on me that I really don't know whether it has the original cam and solid lifters.  Is there a way to determine if it has solid lifters short of pulling the intake?  Is there a way to determine whether it has the factory "30-30" solid-lifter cam (PN 3849346) short of seeing the part number?

Decoding/Numbers / Engine Code POP and Block Pad
« on: October 01, 2021, 08:29:45 PM »
For a born with engine, shouldn't the engine assembly code on the Protect-o-Plate match the engine pad stamp?  My car was resold early and I only have the warranty POP, which does not provide much information; however, I have some early receipts that have the POP imprint.  The POP imprint shows the engine code to be T0605DZ, but the engine pad shows V0605DZ.  I think it's the born with engine further supported when I found the date to match and the DZ code.  I didn't question the T at the time, but recently was reading that DZ engines were not assembled at Tonawanda.  I have also read about typos on POPs. so that is my current assumption because I am guessing that the POPs were manually created and subject to mistakes.  Any other known examples of this kind of discrepancy in the POP engine code or other explanations for what may have caused the discrepancy?

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