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Restoration / Introducing.... The Prospector
« on: April 03, 2020, 03:34:00 AM »
Hello everyone! My name is Chas (or Chuck)  ;) and Iím new to this forum but not new to this site.  Iíve gathered much information from this site over the years. THANKS! That said last year I acquired a pretty cool 1967 Camaro. The car is a Van Nuys built Granada Gold gold standard bucket seat interior console power glide 327/210. A couple things make this car unique. For starters the body by fisher build date is 09B and the body number is 932. The VIN is 124377L101310.

The car was purchased new at Stewart Chevrolet in Colma California (basically San Francisco). The original owner enjoyed the car for some years, repainted it Granada Gold, then passed it to his son who drove the car through the mid 70s. The car still has a parking pass from USF from 76. The car was then parked in 78. Time went on and the old man passed away and the son, yes the guy who drove it to college, decided to sell it. This was in 2018.

In early 2019 I was scouring the internet for a solid Camaro project. I didnít want someone elseís project. I wanted a solid ďsurvivorĒ.  One morning in February 2019 while looking through the San Francisco craigslist I found this car. I spoke to the owner for about an hour and purchased the car.... sight unseen. This was risky but didnít have time to look at the car as I live like 8 hours from Frisco and the seller had three others calling on the car within a couple hours of posting.  Worst case I could easily get my money back if I decided to sell it but when I received the car I knew I wanted to keep it.

The car had 54xxx miles on it which I believe are true based on the condition of things like the pedals, body bushings (still have the factory tape), door hinges etc. Hardly any rust on this car at all!! When the son decided to sell the car he had to get it running. He had someone put a god awful silver gas tank in the car and chucked the original... probably along with the build sheet.  >:( I donít have any other documents for the car other than a repair order from 1969... Irritating because Iím sure the old man saved the contract and POP.

By now youíre probably asking yourself why is this thread called the Prospector? Iím not keeping the car in itís original state. Itís getting a full frame off restoration with a day 2 theme. Like all good vintage drag cars, they need a name. This car is gold on gold so what better name than the Prospector? The car will receive an already built Big Block Chevy with many Day 2 parts, an auto gear M22, and a 12 bolt with Lakewood traction bars.... and of course cragars.

Stay tuned. Iíve been collecting parts for over a year and already started the restoration so no one tell me to leave it as is hahaha :-X

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