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Decoding/Numbers / Just looking for an opinion
« on: September 15, 2021, 03:07:46 AM »
A year or so ago I started a discussion on Team Camaro Tech about my block stamped numbers. It was quite a discussion with people going both ways on original factory error or fake restamp. Well. since then I've pulled and rebuilt motor. While engine was out I cleaned area with some muriatic acid. All the sanding marks were there prior to my cleaning. And I took some better pictures. After going over picture of vin and id stamp I observed something interesting. If you enlarge photo, looking at area just after stamped A there seems to be a very faint A. Looking under stamped A it seems that the A was stamped over an H. At the beginning There s a faint V which I was told was a bounce when stamped. Can any one see what I see? If the bounced V is lined up with the A over H and very faint A at the end. Could it be possible that when stamp was bounced left the faint marks then when done over most of current numbers and letters covered most of faint letters, numbers. A was then stamped again to cover bounced H? Not sure if this is making any cense but if it does what's your opinion? All the numbers on block do match protecto plate which I used to find and talk to original owner who purchased car in 1969.

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