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General Discussion / Shot in the dark
« on: December 26, 2017, 11:01:51 PM »
Brief background: In 1969 a good friend. Edward (fast Eddy) (dual citizen, USA/CDN) purchased a 69 rs/ss z28. He worked for GM Production in Detroit. He was a hot car enthusiast. (car specs: white stripes on blue, spoiler, 302, 4speed, plus) Here is the big question.

He had the car outfitted by GM with side exhaust, aka side oiler, similar to corvette's with the slot covering.
Where is the car now?  Can that car be traced or identified by GM records? Does anyone have knowledge of its whereabouts?

History: He left GM and we met up in Ottawa where we decided to drive L.A. The car would have been there for a couple years as he got married but did come back to Ottawa after a split. I briefly met up with him again in Ottawa but cannot remember if he still had the car. Our contact thereafter was infrequent as I had moved west. After several years he passed away due to an auto accident. I can provide or fill in the blanks if anyone needs more information.(L.A., Ottawa, full name, specifics)

Thanks for reading this post. As you can imagine if the car still exists the value would be substantial. More important, if someone has any knowledge about Ed, I would be interested in communicating.


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