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General Discussion / Looking for information BEFORE I start
« on: September 08, 2017, 12:16:27 AM »
I've got a 69 Camaro that codes out as a SS350 has the X11 call out on the tag. Front power discs, quick ratio power steering,front sway bar, 12 Bolt 3.08:1 rear, 5 leaf spring pack, A/C car. Car is White with an SS hood, no rear spoiler,black side stripes and black rockers. Interior call out is green.  My questions are
 1) Did Chevy "tu-tone" interiors? The carpet, kick panels, dash pad and carpet on the door lowers is green. My steering column is green. The rest of my interior, door panels, headliner, sail panels, package tray and seats are Black with hounds tooth inserts. I also appear to have bucket rear seating with shoulder belts (the seat bottoms are two piece with carpet exposed between them)
2) Where does a guy find replacement "woodgrain" as my dash has it across the entire dash and the piece by the passenger side has started to rust.
3)The tail panel on this car has been blacked out. Was this legit?Or someone with a rattle can thought it was cool? I got the car with a 396 "dealer replacement" engine (per block #) and a short shaft TH400 with no tag. The guy I bought if from purchased it from owner #2 with it in it and had been told "all big block cars had the panel blacked out" ......mine being a SS350 I'm doubtful its factory. 
Any help is greatly appreciated

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