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General Discussion / To restore or not ?
« on: August 23, 2017, 06:38:16 PM »
Ok first let me say thanks to everyone on this forum.... The information located and given by members in this group and on CRG is hands down by far the most informative I have ever seen.... I have a few questions for the members of this site... So I recently purchased a 1968 Camaro 396 375 HP RS SS The car is very original based on all the information I have found on this site. The car has had a repaint in black not the original Lemans blue ( a negative or a positive ? ) Mind you I purchased this car as a investment car I currently have 2 other Camaros in the garage so even thou this is by far more rare than my 68, I have a long emotional attachment to that car..... Anyways... The motor was rebuilt and decked but the MQ stamp even though light is still very visible as is the vin... When I saw this I Immediately checked all date codes and part number (thanks again to CRG for this information) and rear and trans stamp which all line up. So the question I have is do I strip the car and restore or leave it alone.... Also Help me out I understand that they made 4000 or so of the L78 did they all blow up ??? I mean there are tons of Z28 out there but most of the 396 appear to have gone by the way side.... Why is this???? The car seems very stout and would think that the Z28 would have spun bearings left and right..... Thanks Again guys for everything

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