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Haha nah i put new ones in it a long time ago, runs good now, it didnt run then.

Okay thanks man, it had me going crazy trying to find somethkng on it haha

But anyways, its the only one ive ever seen and just wanna know if anybody has any info on this

thank you,  Im looking for more info on this. when I get off work ill try to load a picture up. but ive owned the car for over 24 years,  its all original down to the rear brake pads haha.  its a true rs/ss matching numbers 4-speed car. I cant find anything online about this sticker, and the only thing they have about (electronic ignition on Camaros)  is that TI or transistor ignition came only factory on zl1 cars. when I get home ill try and upload the pic on here.

I have never seen another one like it, its a x-11 car

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