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Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1967 Alan Green Camaro Trans-Am
« on: September 02, 2017, 02:30:59 PM »
Hello Everybody!

I am very sorry for not showing up with updates on my 1/25 scale Alan Green Chevrolet 67 Camaro Z/28. I had many troubles along the way since I had a lot of "first time" on this project: First time scratch building parts, flaring the fenders, plastic surgery and so on. I got to a point to have to go back to the beginning (the main reason I disappeared from here). But after a very long battle with the kit and my own lack of skills I finished this project and I am here to show you the model, not before my thanks to the folks from this Forum, specially Jon Mello for his generosity and many pictures provided that were very helpful for my project. I also want to thank my friends and fellow members of the Classic Plastic Model Club for their support, patience and many laughs along the way.

Here are some pictures for you, I hope you enjoy:


A few notes:
1. From the original kit I started with, I saved the following items, seats, dashboard, wheels and tires, engine/transmission and front grille;

2. I scratch built 8 roll cages till I decided I couldn't do any better;

3. I had to use the chassis from a '69 Camaro Z/28 instead of the '67 ones since the engine was sitting too high on this one, making impossible to close the hood. Because of that, I had to make a lot of plastic surgeries on the chassis to fit.

4. The following model kits had donated parts for this project: '67 Camaro from Revell (most parts), '67 Camaro from AMT (Hood), '69 Camaro Z/28 from Revell (engine/transmission, chassis, front crossmember, front and rear suspension and rear axel), '68 Firebird from Revell (racing seats) and '68 Corvette from Revell (wheels and tires).

Again, thank you very much for your support.



Thanks for the pictures and information about those air cleaners, cold air induction. I will have to scratch build one for my Alan Green Camaro's 1/25 scale project.



Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1967 Alan Green Camaro Trans-Am
« on: March 06, 2016, 05:06:08 PM »
Hi Jon,

I am using a Revell 1967 Camaro SS Special Edition kit#85-4936 at 1/25 scale. Since the engine that comes with this kit isn't the right one, I had to borrow the right one from a 1969 Camaro Z/28 also from Revell. But soon enough, I found out that that engine wouldn't fit in the '67 Camaro and that let me down for a couple of months when I didn't want to see this project. Until a day when I light turned on above my head :-D and I decided to rob the front suspension and crossmember from the same '69 Camaro and it worked!

Not much long after I found this forum and started to make all kind of questions and getting all excellent help I could ever imagine to get!

And speaking of questions, I have one more:
I could spot on the first engine bay pictures you shared that there is a white bar that cross from left to right in between the radiator and the engine. I guess it's part of the roll cage. Can you tell me exactly where it's starts and where it's ends (or better, where it's attached to), please?



Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1967 Alan Green Camaro Trans-Am
« on: March 05, 2016, 03:42:54 PM »

Sorry for not coming here since last time but I am very busy lately working as much as I can on my model, thanks to all the information you provided me :-)

Here are a few pictures of what I did so far:

First picture shows a new roll cage been build. The first roll cage was made out of 14 pieces, this one will have around 22 pieces after done

Here is a picture of the old roll cage:

A new firewall was made out of styrene sheets and rods (sorry, the picture isn't good):

Air scoops and ducts for the brake cooling system were scratch build, I may scratch another set of ducts, I didn't like those (again, sorry for the bad picture):

And last to show, I scratch build the two tanks, water and oil overflow out of styrene rods and other bits:

I worked on a lot of other things, mostly very small parts that go in the engine bay but they are too small to take a good picture of them with my poor old camera.

Again, I would like to thank you for your help with this project.

Till next update.



Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1967 Alan Green Camaro Trans-Am
« on: January 26, 2016, 12:29:01 AM »
Here are some more pics that I took a few years back. When the car was first raced back in '67, the interior and under the hood were all black. Nowadays, much of it is painted gray.

Now you hit me hard  :o  ;D I am using the '67 Camaro that's is racing at the Historic Trans-Am series as my reference and from the pictures I have, the interior looks like is painted the same off-white of the exterior. But now you are saying that the interior is grey as they are in your pictures.  :-\ I'll have to think about it, I'll need a very light shade of grey.

The picture that shows the dash will be of great help for me. In the pictures I have, the steering wheel is always in the way of some detail and I wasn't sure about them either. Now, thanks to your pictures again, I have a better understanding of it.

Many thanks,


Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1967 Alan Green Camaro Trans-Am
« on: January 24, 2016, 11:48:51 PM »
Hi Darrell and Jon,

Thank you for reply. I need to figure out how to post pictures here, sorry.

Jon, those pictures will be of great help! Thank you very much for them.

So, looks like the race car doesn't have a battery installed in the engine bay like it's on the street Camaro. Instead, there are two small aluminum tanks. What are they? Water and oil tanks? They don't look like they are connected. It looks like the one closest to the radiator is the water expansion tank and the other one for oil? Does somebody knows?

Where the battery would be, inside the cabin or inside the trunk?

If somebody has any detail, information or even more pictures and would like to share, please, feel free to post them. Even a minimum detail can make a huge difference.

I'll keep you updated with my scale model project if you'll like.

Thanks again and have a nice week,


Trans-Am Camaros / 1967 Alan Green Camaro Trans-Am
« on: January 24, 2016, 02:43:20 AM »
Hi everybody,

My name is Guil Rosa and I build model cars in scale from kits. A few years ago I was looking online for inspiration for my next build and I found it at Historic Trans-Am home page. Among the amazing race cars there, I fell in love with the '67 Alan Green Camaro and since then I have been collecting reference pictures for my scale model project.

What I need specifically are pictures of the engine bay that shows the area of the radiator and attachment points of the rollcage on the chassis. I have some good pictures showing the engine and firewall but not the radiator from behind and the attachment points of the rollcage to the chassis in the engine bay.

I will greatly appreciate any and all help I can get from you.




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