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I have had 2 1967 camaros come through with cars vin starting with 126, so might not be the norm or just a few early cars but 100% had 2) 1967 Camaros with vins starting with 126 vin in door jamb.

UPDATE: Just realized that if the car had deluxe interior...they recode vin and could be 126377N116995 this engine I have is stamped V0929MS 17N116995 or if convertible vin could be 126677N116995 with deluxe interior....but have solid story this motor came out of a SS350 4speed coupe....Thx, Mike Kaiser 602-540-3073

I have a solid story that the engine was pulled out of a Super Sport 4speed hard top. So it would be the 124377N116995 vin. Thx,  Mike Kaiser 602-540-3073

That is strange on yours.....maybe it had to wait for parts...? Mine is 100% original stamping, my 67 SS350 engine has been in my 61 Corvette for 30+ years. Not looking to sell my engine unless the car's out there..., it's that I've had it so long in my Vett thought I would reach out and see if the cars out there? thx

1967 - Orphans / 1967 Camaro SS350 engine short block V1028MV L7114681
« on: August 10, 2015, 03:13:44 AM »
I just pulled this great running fresh 1967 Camaro engine from a 69 Z/28 Camaro and is a 67 SS350 coded engine V1028MV L7114681. Has Z/28 top end but can pull off if anyone needs this engine or can keep complete. Mike Kaiser 602-540-3073 or

I have original engine from a 1967 Camaro SS 350 engine front pad reads: V0929MS 7N116995 and cars full vin 124377N116995
Thanks, Mike Kaiser 602-540-3073

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