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General Discussion / Re: Ebay 69 Z/28 project
« on: April 03, 2018, 08:35:18 PM »
As for the Engine.  I was explained to me that realistically a CE engine is accepted is if you have solid paperwork it was done under warranty on that car.   An incorrect engine with the wrong vin on it is more acceptable with dates that are in line with your cars build date.   This is how Corvette NCRS judging is done.  So with 20302 1969 Z28s built it should not be to hard to find a block close to your car

General Discussion / Re: 68 z/28 question of authenticity
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:49:18 PM »
having the Protecto Plate is the only way to truly verify any 1968 Camaro.   There are several things that give you an Idea if a car is a true Z car.  Leaf springs, wheels, brake booster, master cylinder, alternator.   Many of those parts get changed for many many reasons.   Jerry MacNeish is such a polarizing person.  Especially here on the east coast.  I mentioned his name at two different car shows an had people snap around and tell me he was a crook.  I have no opinion either way.  I had spoken to him.  He was nice and took time to talk to me.  He has published many good books about the cars and their special parts.   I used to me active in spotting fakes, but have focused my attention on other things.   As stated earlier, the seller  should have Jerrys report and should have NO PROBLEM showing you and providing you a copy.  Also I would personally call and ask Jerry if he had ever Verified the car.  Lots of fakes any more.  It make me mad that people twist word to lie, but not lie in their eyes about a car they are selling.   It has become a free for all, with buyer beware your problem.   I am by no means an expert, but have learned a lot buy reading the good and the bad stories.   Arm yourself with knowledge and go with your gut.  THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST CAMARO SITE ANYWHERE.  I had owned  a 68 Z28 RS M22 4.56 posi car.  It had the protecto plate.  I had been wrecked so the engine trans and disc brakes were all gone.   The interior was removed, including the glove box door with the 15 inch wheel sticker.   It did have the original 4.56 posi rear in it with the 4 leaf springs.   I paid fair money for it and spent plenty on it.  I was approached by some one who asked if I would sell.  He caught me at just the right time.  I sold my most attainable dream car realizing there are more and I can come back to that someday.  I still own 4 first gen cars so no big loss for me.   I took a quick look at the car and see many of the special parts missing.  All I can say is arm yourself with knowledge and try to back up anyones statement.   

General Discussion / Spring Charlotte
« on: March 22, 2018, 05:42:15 PM »
The time is once again coming for our spring trip to my favorite swap meet.   So many memories since 1993.   
This year is different.   We are coming with one less from our crew.  We lost my dads best man and best friend of 57 years.   Jeff was a picked member of our family.   About the time they were deciding to retire dad asked Jeff what car he would build if he could.  Jeff said a T bucket.   In 2005 Dad bought a frame and rear at Charlotte for $225.  Everyone bailed that year and it was just dad and I.   We took their Subaru.  We went to Lowes bought rope and lashed the frame to the roof rack for the 510 mile trip home.  Years later after they decided to build Jeff a T bucket, we bought a body there for $312.  It was the spring of the BIG tropical storm that hit Florida and the coast, but went right by other than a big rain storm Saturday night.  The truck was jam packed full, we had luggage jammed inside the truck with little room to sit.  But as always we made it. 
  Just after last spring I was approached to sell my 68 Z28 RS Berger car.  Being so far out on my list of things to do I sold it, wanting more to see the car done than sit. 
   Wanting to get back in racing I bought a cheap Vega out of Wisconsin.  Got it home and figured out it was an SRD built 1973 Pro Stock car.  It was one of the rare few that was an acid dipped Body In White car.  SRD was Jenkins crew that started a chassis shop.  The car was sponsored by the Chicagoland Chevy Dealers Association.           I have the full history on the car with many great pictures of it and its build.   
 A lot has changed in a year.   I have made major changes in my life.   Also I am done with selling High End parts, that was a joke.  Im back to nickel and dime parts, they sell.   
   This trip will be bitter sweet.   Our missing member will be on all our minds.  But you can not take away all the great moments with family and friends.   One year I took two big ticket items.  I sold a rare engine block first that I never thought I would sell.   I said if I sold it and a set of heads I would buy everyone supper.   The  day went on and no sale on the heads.  I was packing up later than usual on Saturday afternoon.   Most of my stuff was put away.  Two guys came back out of breathe and said OH GOOD.   They were from New York and were on the road heading back home when there nephew called and said he wanted the heads.  There communication got crossed up.  They bought the heads and I told them they just bought my groups supper.   It felt great to have such a good weekend and share my good fortune with my family and friends.  I do not do this to get rich, I am content to make a little that I think is fair.  I use it to fund my projects.   
  Life really is short enjoy it.    Our friend Jeff did not smile, he had a grin that was his smile.   He is greatly missed. 
   I will be there this year with a large variety of parts, Camaro, left overs from old projects.  Now I am into nostalgia parts.   Look me up in the Green Field on the corner of FG diagonal from the Bumper Boys.   Stop take a load off and say hi.

General Discussion / Re: Spring Charlotte
« on: March 31, 2017, 11:36:11 PM »
FG 110.    I always buy stuff I don't need.   Last year the first time I left the spaces was to go to the bathroom.   Before I got back I spent $300 on a rear.   I cant pass up good deals.  I am a sucker for old speed equipment.    I need a set of skinny Chevy pattern Cragar Super Trick race wheels for a project

General Discussion / Spring Charlotte
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:21:04 PM »
Just a week away.  Going to round up my stuff this weekend.    Weather looks fair at this point.    I found some interesting parts over this past winter to bring.   On the corner of FG as always.     Ready for fun in tge sun

1968 - Orphans / Re: 124378N445313 Z/28 Engine for sale
« on: March 08, 2017, 04:59:50 PM »
Where do people come up with these crazy prices

General Discussion / Re: ZL1 for discussion
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:40:32 PM »
For a Hugger Orange car

General Discussion / Re: 69 RS vacuum relay
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:28:27 AM »
The repo actuators are plungers with rubber seals inside.   They shrunk when cold, lost the seal and the car ran rough from an internal vacuum leak.    I bought the relay and replaced it in the cold.  You should be good with buying a new one and replacing it.   I drove one of my 69 RS, 2001, everyday all year round in the north east.   In the snow.  It was fun to watch peoples eyes pop out of their heads when I drove by them in the cold and snow.   

General Discussion / Re: 69 RS vacuum relay
« on: February 07, 2017, 08:24:57 PM »
I bought one new and broke it trying to put the hose on.    I have no faith in the reproduction parts.   Bought new actuators, they did not work.   Bought the hose kit.  The ends rotted up in 6 months and fell off.  I then bought fuel line and put on the car.   It just never worked right in cold weather

Originality / Re: Service Engines (CE coded)
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:39:01 PM »
I have a CE 302 for my 68 Z28.   CE8874.  Casting number 3914678.  I have pics, but to large to load

General Discussion / Re: 68 rear speaker package tray cutout?
« on: February 03, 2017, 10:10:45 AM »
I have a 68 Z28 that came with am radio and rear speaker.  Mine is also gone.  I  would also like to see that

General Discussion / Re: Found this one for sale on craigslist Atlanta.
« on: January 09, 2017, 03:30:39 PM »
Thanks to all the auctions and dealers with overpriced and bogus cars.  Expectations are unreal.   Asking and selling are 2 different things

General Discussion / Re: My 69 Z/28 "building find"!
« on: December 22, 2016, 04:22:53 AM »
I noticed in the picture of the transmission that the cross member is in backwards.

General Discussion / Re: 427/425
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:37:32 AM »
Why is the intake painted?

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