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Thank you SMKZ28/BobH11,- Keep the ideas and suggestions coming!-they are greatly appreciated

I have left a message with the Historical Society, and I am in the process of writing a letter to the original owner, sending him a few pictures of the car to see if something else triggers his memory, I also need to see if I can talk to his daughter who drove a small block pace car to college back in 69/70 to see what she remembers,  I did track down the woman who was the book keeper and actually placed the orders but her Alzheimer's is pretty severe and I have not been able to talk to her directly yet.
This was my first Camaro that I drove in high school, it has been off the road since October 1978 (yes 40+ years), when I was getting ready to paint it (Stripped and in primer now) and is in the pipeline to be restored after I finish another 69 Camaro SS/RS L78 M40 (REEDMAN car) that is going through a concourse restoration now and will be finished this year.
I plan on being at the Flemington show this year with flyers looking for information.
Thanks Again

Thanks Guys- I will follow up on the leads- all help is greatly appreciated!
I have spend hours on multiple occasions going through microfiche at Hunderton County Library and putting adds in the local Craigslist as well as talking to anyone I can find that was into muscle cars and racing of that era - that's how I finally tracked down the original owner-I have met some great people and have heard some very cool stories of the racing legends along the way; now I'm looking for the holy grail- photo's or documentation, It seams like all the who's who of racing raced at this circuit including Mario Andretti, from what I'm told the track was a hard packed/oiled dirt surface

Looking for help trying to track down any photo's, stories or promotional items from the 1969 /1970 Flemington Speedway Pace cars Sponsored by Taylor Chevrolet in Flemington NJ.

For the last 40+ years I have owned one of two L78/ 4 speed/ 4.10 Indy Pace cars supplied for the 1969 and 1970 season at Flemington Speedway, the other was restored by the Super Car Workshop and was recently sold to a collector in Washington State.
I have been trying for years to obtain any further information on my car and seeing these Pace car posts has given me hope.
I was able to track down the original owner and dealer of my car but he at 89 has no documentation or photos- only faded memories of his shop foreman as the driver during the races and him driving the car if it wasn't in the showroom between promotional events- Any help would be sincerely appreciated
Thank you

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