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1969 - Orphans / Re: 19N509257 DZ 302 Block on ebay
« on: Today at 02:23:23 AM »
The block was completed on 7 November 68.   L509257 was completed in LA during late November '68, whereas N509257 was completed in Norwood during late September.   

Seems this engine could not have come in a Norwood car, but *might* have come in an LA car...


It's difficult to imagine them not catching it, and if I'm not mistaken there are documented cases where the stamped codes were *changed* in the factory.. basically by X'ing out and restamping...

Decoding/Numbers / Re: Looking for guidance on my 68 Camaro
« on: February 14, 2018, 05:22:16 PM »
The interior codes are found here....

Your top color most likely matched the interior color from the factory; you might have to dig for a bit, but I'd be surprised if you can't find out anything/everything you want to know on the crg archive data site:

General Discussion / Re: Plans for your camaro?
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:41:48 PM »
Jano,That is some really original looking crud on your BV.

OMG!! Whole underneath was sprayed with it, also layers of Rustoleum and burn out box rubber. On top around 20 years of dust. did entomb the steel all these years, no corrosion. Plus car never saw snow. Or rain for that matter. I never saw the wipers work, bench tested ok. Wanted to post some inspection graffiti. I like finding the stuff.

Hey!   It's only 'graffiti' if it's put on during restoration; the original stuff was FUNCTIONAL... and we like seeing it (at least I do).. :)

General Discussion / Re: Plans for your camaro?
« on: February 13, 2018, 03:26:50 PM »
Jano...  so what kind of 'professional coating' is he putting on your exhaust pipes?  Some of us need to know.. :)

General Discussion / Re: What to do?
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:02:23 AM »
Do whatever makes you happy with the car..   Cars do not all have to be *original* to be enjoyable.. and 'making a profit' on your car is a very poor reason to own one.   DRIVE it..  ENJOY it..  or sell it..  whatever puts a smile on your face..  :)

General Discussion / Re: 1968 Z28 Power Steering
« on: February 12, 2018, 02:18:12 PM »
.. probably...  :)    and it's still going up!~    Lots more PS on Z28s now than there ever were when they were new....

General Discussion / Re: Y77 Bat.
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:13:35 AM »
Just need to get creative. Here is mine.

Sounds like a great trade to me...  :)

Originality / Re: 1967 Z-28 302
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:14:02 PM »
I agree with BA Camaro about all kinds of parts used on Camaros. My cousin went to work at the Norwood plant in 1968 and worked there until the plant closed. He told me they put them together with what parts they had. A lot of miss matched colors and whatever. He said in all his years at Norwood he never the word quality it was just production. Get em out the door and keep the line moving.

'Production' and 'keeping the line moving' are keywords in *every* manufacturing facility, whatever the product.  If they don't maintain their required production rates, none of them will have a job very long...  How often a line worker hears the word 'quality' used probably depends how often the worker screws up...  :)

General Discussion / Re: Y77 Bat.
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:06:02 PM »

Good looking Camaro!  :)   and good looking (and clean) garage too.. must be new..  :)  (No junk)..

General Discussion / Re: team camaro
« on: February 10, 2018, 07:30:29 PM »
Forgot my password over at the Team Camaro site and can't figure out how to reteive it . Does anyone know how to get in touch with the administrator of this site directly ?

One of their guys monitors this site, and he usually speaks up when someone has an issue... I'm sure he will respond..

General Discussion / Re: 68 Rear Disc Brake Package
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:59:25 PM »
The reason the OTC (
OK, I reread the first page. Is it true the SD was a shortened full size car housing down to Camaro width?

Yes, and the reason they did this (for SCCA road racing purposes) was to use the LARGER axles, and LARGER axle bearings for the severe duty application.

Shortening a full size differential is a potential route to go, BUT... you'd need the special axles with larger bearings to complete the rear end.   The biggest reason cars quit using the 'Service Duty' rear was the non-availablity of the axles in the early '70's, and even before they were taken off the books, they were VERY expensive to buy.

One of my friends who ran TransAm (Robert A Christiansen) bought a new '69 Z28 and drove it from the showroom in Dec'68 to his shop and immediately began removing parts and converting it to SCCA specs.  Everything I know/remember about the Service Duty rear end came from him in the 70's when I assisted a little on his cars, and he helped me rebuild the engine in my '69 Z28.  I have notes from him re all the other differences in the SD rear vs the JL8 rear (and there are several).  Even in Dec '68, he had to go thru Vince Piggins himself to get a Service Duty rear (I have that rear end now).  Bob used the rear in his '69 Z28 racer in T/A racing, and then in IMSA GT racing until the axles became unobtainium; I have the last two sets of axles that Bob used in that car.  When the '69 Z28 body became 'too old' for IMSA, he bought a '73?Camaro body and moved most of the HD parts he had to that car (and sold the '69 to some local SCCA racers in the Atlanta area - I later purchased the rear end, axles, and 2 sets of the Magnesium wheels from that car from those fellas in the late 70's, after they had sold the car to a doctor-racer in the Chattanooga area.  A few years ago, I loaned one of the axles to a fella Camaro owner who had an axle mfg MAKE some duplicates of the SD axles, and he made his own SD rear by cutting down a FS differential.

PS.  If you wanted to make your own 4-wheel disk brake rear (JL8 clone), you could do that from the 12-bolt std rear, and add the disk brakes and other incidentals necessary.  I think all those parts are available, but you would not have a 'numbers' JL8, but it would stop/look just the same.   I also have an NOS extra pair of the caliper brackets and backing plates for the JL8 if anyone is interested.

General Discussion / Re: 68 Rear Disc Brake Package
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:53:03 PM »
Does anyone know how much shorter the disc brake housing was then normal?

WHICH disk brake housing are you asking about?    JL8 width is same as regular 12 bolt Camaro housing AFAIK... and the SD housing is the same or very close...  ( I have one I can measure if necessary)...

General Discussion / Re: 68 Rear Disc Brake Package
« on: February 09, 2018, 04:28:12 PM »
If anyone has EVER seen an auto magazine article that was 'fully accurate', let him please inform us all now...  :)

I don't recall reading in that article that those parts were 'factory installed'...  but the article implied that the parts were available for retrofit, BUT in the case of the disk brake rear end I'm not aware of the '69 JL8 rear being available OTC during the '68 model year (not even at the end of it which is when this article was written)...   The dual quad setup (carburetor package) WAS available OTC as I understand it...

The OP in this thread was asking about 'details' about the disk brake rear available during the '68 model year, and the ONLY one that was available to my knowledge was the SD rear, and that one was NOT very well known or publicized, as it was basically information/parts passed along to known racers/race teams.  I'm not sure when the SD rear was available OTC, but I believe by summer of '68 it was available (if one knew someone).   If someone has more/better information on the Service Duty rear either details or when it was available to race teams like the Donahue/Penske team, I'd sure like to know, whether this was what the OP was asking or not.. :)

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:47:07 PM »
Those exhaust clamps appear to be nice heavy duty units..  :)

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