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Maintenance / Correct spark plugs
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:48:21 AM »
I'm replacing some old spark plugs and I'm not sure which ones to buy. 350sb with '69 3927186 heads. A couple years ago I had a mechanic do some work and he put in Autolite 26 plugs. They show a reach of .46. The auto part store recommended AC Delco R45TS which has a .433 reach.

Everything I read on the internet says the reach for that head is 3/8.

Can someone recommend a plug? Should I pay extra for platinum plugs?


General Discussion / What to do?
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:23:51 PM »
Newbie. First post. Go easy.

I have a '69. wrong drivetrain, wrong color, not a true ss (x44), no sentimental value. Bought for a real good price.

I'm torn on what to do with this car. It's in pretty good shape, little rust, engine block is from a '75 C10 and rebuilt before I got it. Has decent power. Highrise intake, edelbrock 4 barrell, TH400 3spd, horseshoe shifter, factory a/c. You get the idea.

I'm not a big fan of "clone" and love original cars with a backstory. However, I could also have fun with this far since it isn't original. I do like to drive the car everywhere so I'm not sure I'd drive a 100K car out of my driveway.


1. Sell the car and shop for an original
2. Restore to factory X44 (which is pretty plain and boring, no trim)
3. Clone to cool X44, so COPO (they didn't make Yenko in Cortez Silver)
4. Restomod the hell out of it with GM Crate ZZ6

My concern is pouring money into a car that isn't original. Right now I could easily get my money back.
ST 69 12437 9
TR711 09C 69BDY PNT

I'm in the process of finding numbers and identifying parts.

Thanks, 2B

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