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Camaro central has this one
so far i'm guessing its correct????
 they say its original restored NOT a repop.

heres another one being sold on ebay as a 1969 Camaro bb ps you can see my confusion
any help would be appreciated.

This on ebay also but line angles different

yes please any pics especially if they are out of the car..problem is everyone that has a p/s pump that has the line out the bottom no matter what the angle of the line on the bottom of the reservoir says its a 1969 camaro bb 1 year only p/s pump .
I dont mind spending the money just want the right/OEM p/s pump both of these were on ebay as 1969 BB 1 YEAR ONLY P/S PUMPS
Thanks Kevin

I'm on a mission to restore my 1969 Z10 back to original specs so i pulled the engine had it rebuilt i have everything restored from carburetor to water pump all # matching but i cant find what is truly a 1969 BB P/S PUMP with correct reservoir seems everyone with the line coming out the bottom of the reservoir says its a Camaro /Chevelle BB P/S PUMP '
I've read threads saying in JM camaro fact book shows pictures  but i have the 3rd edition and it has no pictures so i emailed JM and he said he has no pictures of a 1969 Camaro BB power steering pump.
so please if anyone has pictures of an original not some reman or repop please let me know .Thank you

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