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Title: shocks
Post by: BillOhio on July 13, 2012, 12:55:54 AM
I am going to have to change my front springs in my 69 Z and wondered if I should change the shocks. Car has mr gasket super drag shocks on the front and monro matics on the back.  Seen kyb and blistens that people liked, along with edelbrocks but jegs doesnt seem to have edlebrocks.
I wont do anything other than a little spirited driving, no racing.  Only person who drove my car was the original owner so the shocks on it have been there a while. I havent drove it enough to know if what I have are any good either

Title: Re: shocks
Post by: DavidS on July 16, 2012, 07:49:23 PM
It looks like Edelbrock got out of the shock business about 1 year ago: (

I sent QA1 an email to see if they are going to continue the Edelbrock Classic IAS line of shocks.
Title: Re: shocks
Post by: DavidS on July 17, 2012, 01:43:37 AM
It sounds like the Edelbrock Classics will not be revived.  I have Edelbrock Classics but not the QA1 shocks. 

Marshall Fegers at QA1 wrote back.

"For a 69 Camaro, the part numbers we list for bolt-in shocks for the front are as follows:
1967 – 1969 Front
Non-adjustable        TN505                  $93.95
Single adjustable      TS505                 $167.95
Drag race (single)     TR505                 $187.95
Double adjustable     TD505                 $267.95

1967-1969 Rear (Multi-leaf)
Non-adjustable         TN802                   $93.95
Single adjustable       TS802                  $177.95
Double adjustable      TD802                  $277.95

1967-1969 Rear (Mono-leaf)
Non-adjustable          TN703                   $93.95
Single adjustable        TS703                  $167.95
Double adjustable       TD703                  $267.95

All of the shocks are fully rebuildable, with the TN shocks being user revalveable, as well.  They are all Made in the USA right here in Lakeville, MN.
You can leave my name, but it might be best to leave either Dave Goldie or Dave Kass’ name (our resident street shock experts.) 

Dave Goldie
Dave Kass
952-985-6439            "



Title: Re: shocks
Post by: lynnbilodeau on April 30, 2013, 02:24:40 AM
Hard to beat Koni adjustables.