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Post by: TORCO on September 20, 2010, 02:05:59 PM
Hello, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Let me introduce myself: I own several hundred Camaros and over 100 Chevelles, mostly of '69 vintage as I am a devoted collector of 1/18 GM diecast. I'm NOT a dealer, but that may change as I get closer to retirement and/or finally run out of room to display & store them. I have a small shop area set up with airbrush equipment and I'm restoring (and unrestoring) several of my Camaro models to make them more authentic and realistic.

I recently joined your group in the fervent hope that one or more of you would be kind enough to assist me in my Camaro 'research'. I'm asking for OEM/restoration advice regarding the underside of original '67, 68' 69 Camaros & Chevelles; specifically, the primer color and application process and how much body-color overspray the factory applied. From what I've been able to tell, the nose & front subframe is satin black and center area of the floorpan (engine/trans/driveshaft is a rust-oxide primer and the body color is oversprayed 12-18" inward. The rear end housing & trunk area eludes me.

I've researched all the Camaro restoration books regarding this subject. Unfortunately, some of the best ones used B&W photos for the chassis pics.
I'm willing to buy any book that gives these details, but I was hoping someone might have photo-documented their Camaro resoration and would be willing to share a few photos with me. I'm sure there were subtle nuances when the Camaro was built in Ohio or California, and I'm curious about those assembly & paint techniques & differences. I think this information would be important and relevant to all Camaro enthusiasts at one time or another.

I'll apologize in advance if my request doesn't fit the parameters of your research discussion board. I'm just thinking that most musclecar owners also collect diecast cars similar to their own. Maybe I'm wrong in my thinking. If anyone wants to share photos or has a comment to make away from your discussion board, my address is

Thank you!

Post by: flyingskibiker on September 21, 2010, 04:24:46 AM
Welcome to the site.  You can do searches on here and find most of what you are looking for.  Or at least a lively discussion of it...  You may want to go to the main CRG site (not this forum area) and read the factory assembly process.  It will probably answer many of your questions.  LIke, how and when the primered the body, painted it, and assembled it.  The over spray is pretty well deduced from it.  Over spray has also been discussed on here in many threads.  That is why I mention the search function.

Good luck!