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Title: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: nlpirr on April 17, 2006, 04:13:22 PM
Question for anyone that has had the same problem:

I recently took off the entire dash and cleaned and refinished it and put it back into place over the weekend. Unfortunatly, I noticed that the speedometer was pointing straight down as opposed to the zero mark.

I have three questions.

1. did I break something internal in the actual speedometer or will this fix itself when I get the car moving again? 

2. Actually it has always been "off" by about 12 MPH. If I drive the car and the speedometer shows 67, then I'm actually going 55. How do I adjust this is the above question is not a major problem?

3. I noticed when I detached the cable from the speedometer, my transmission leaked. did this loosen the connection to the side of the transmission and do I need to do anyhting special to ensuree it does not lean any more?

I just reattached everything last night and hopfully reattaching the cable stopped the leak??

thanks a ton for any help. I hope I dont need to replace the speedometer !!

Nick p.
Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: lakeholme on April 17, 2006, 08:34:20 PM
In terms of #2:
Dab67 had the same problem with the speedometer being about 10 mph off.
Look at this post:

Not sure we really ever answered his (or your) question, but there are a couple of suggestions about where to start.

Good luck! 
Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: nlpirr on April 18, 2006, 01:11:32 AM

Thanks for the link. so far it seems a mystery that usually has a few factors. Now my biggest problem is that the transmission is dripping like a slow fauct from the speedo cable entry into the tranny? it started , as I mentioned in my first post when I seperated the cable from the back of the actual speedometer. I just thought I may have created a gap at the entrance to the tranny (TH-350). but I reconnected the cable and the drip is actually worse??

crazy, is it possoble to tighten this assembly? I've lost so much fluid, i might as well drain the rest and refill the tranny since I had planned to do this later?. never have done this before and tranny's make me really nervous?

Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: lakeholme on April 18, 2006, 02:27:21 PM
I know what you mean about the "fear" of working on transmissions!

I'm posting back to you to make sure other folks realize my suggestion was only about the speedometer, not the transmission leak.
Hey, you transmission guys... Help the fellow out!

Good luck!
Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: dab67 on April 24, 2006, 11:46:33 AM
When i had my tranny worked on, they had to replace the seal that goes into the tranny for the speedo cable and gear. Doesn't seem like much, but that sounds like the problem.

Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: rsatz28 on April 24, 2006, 12:30:14 PM
Auto or manual?

Not sure on the auto, but the manual has an o-ring in the end the pushes into the housing.  Make sure that the o-ring is still there. Also make sure that it is seated all the way into the case.  There is a bolt and a retaining "clamp" that secure the cable to the trans.
Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: nlpirr on April 24, 2006, 07:09:43 PM
TH -350 is the tranny. I'll check the entire assembly tonight when I attempt to change the oil and filter. This should be real fun !

Thanks for the tips on the seal. I hope I can get the necessary replacement parts okay thru my local NAPA auto parts dealer?

Nick P.
Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: lakeholme on April 24, 2006, 11:38:10 PM
NAPA should be able to get it for you if they don't have it in stock.  I learned about two years ago from one of their area reps. that they actually have a classic car division.  You just don't hear anything about it, and some local dealers don't know unless you ask.  Some of their stuff they call "vintage".

Hope this fixes it!
Title: Re: Speedometer HELP !!
Post by: nlpirr on April 25, 2006, 08:08:00 PM
This is great information..thanks..

I did a search thru the NAPA on line and was pleased to find many rebuilt parts that I will need to complete my Air cond.  rebuild. Hopfully the quality is good on there remanufactured parts? 

thanks again,

Nick P.