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Title: 68 Rear package tray color?
Post by: 68zman on March 21, 2006, 01:04:53 AM
I would like your help on a color question on my 68 Z28. What should the color be of the rear package shelf be ? It is Sequoia Green ext.with gold interior. It was restored about 10 years ago. The interior is gold,seats carpet , door panels,etc. But the package shelf is sort of a darker green that looks similar to the body color rather than gold like the rest of the interior,trim etc. Should this be gold? I purchased a new package shelf to replace it,which comes with vinyl strip that goes up against and behind rear seat. The new one is gold where the old one's vinyl strip is a green.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Title: Re: 68 Rear package tray color?
Post by: sumrtime68rs on March 21, 2006, 05:06:15 AM
I have a friend with a 68 R/S with your same color combo (Sequoia and gold standard int.) I just looked at it yesterday and the rear tray metal band and corner metal pieces were all gold like the dash. This car is pretty much original and unrestored. I didn't pay much attention to the actual package tray but I think it was gold also. Hope this helps, Dan
Title: Re: 68 Rear package tray color?
Post by: Pex68 on March 22, 2006, 03:00:57 AM

Off topic and possibly beating a dead horse but 68ZMAN, could you tell me what color your firewall is painted and what's the state of the, original first restore, been restored, # of owners?

Dan (Sumrtime68rs), could let me know on your friends car???

Thanks and no intention of hijacking this thread...if you want you can reply via PM or email.

Title: Re: 68 Rear package tray color?
Post by: sumrtime68rs on March 22, 2006, 04:03:03 PM

I have read all the discussion about the Sequoia green firewall color on the other thread. I'm the one who posted in there about my Tuxedo black car having a glossy looking firewall. The first thing I did when he stopped by was have him pop the hood to look. Unfortunately, the previous owner "detailed" the engine compartment with a "rattle" can. The car has never been apart but the previous guy put an aluminum intake, chrome valve covers and air cleaner etc. on the original 327 (cool!). The good thing is, he saved all the original stuff and my friend got it all. So no help as to the firewall color. I believe he is planning to clean and cosmetically restore the car this summer and I mentioned this site to him and the discusion about the firewall. He is the 3rd owner and the car has never been restored. It was held by the original owner until 5 years ago when the previous guy bought it.