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Title: 68 turbo 400 driveshaft
Post by: Tinkerr on March 03, 2006, 08:40:49 AM
I'm trying to find the correct driveshaft for my 68 turbo 400 Camaro.This is a #'s matching restro.project(as close as possible anyway). Is there a definitive way to differentiate a turbo 400 driveshaft from a turbo 350/glide/4spd driveshaft? I know there has been some discussion about the yokes on the 400's being welded inline and all others being offset about 20 degrees.A individual was trying to tell me a 400 shaft was heavier,beefer, had different u-joints and was shorter than the other shafts.I'd appreciate any feedback on this subject.

 I know the 400 and the M-22 trans yokes interchange and the turbo 350/glides and other manual yokes  interchange.The area of concern is the main body of the shaft and u-joint ends.Thanks
Title: Re: 68 turbo 400 driveshaft
Post by: ccargo on March 03, 2006, 01:03:57 PM
Here's a TH400 driveshaft next to a standard driveshaft. As you can see the yoke is different and has larger U joint holes and the bearing cap is heavier. I have a a BX stamped into the yoke on this end if that helps you track it down.
Title: Re: 68 turbo 400 driveshaft
Post by: nuch_ss396 on March 03, 2006, 02:38:44 PM
This is a great topic, of particular interest to me.

I have been wondering about this very issue as it relates to my 69 L/78 - THM400 Camaro.  I have been told so many different things about 69 Camaro THM400
"original" driveshafts that I am truly confused. :-\ ???  So let me add some more questions to the pot......

Did original 69 THM400 equipped SS Camaro driveshafts use the large u-joint on both the front & rear yokes?  How do these u-joints mount?  Do they use the
circular type clips that go over the end of the caps ( like the standard u-joints ), or c-type clips that go on the inside of the yoke?  Can anyone post images for
me?  Also, do THM400 driveshafts have the u-joints rotated inline with each other as opposed to rotated from each other?  I have been told that the 69 Firebirds
with THM400's used the large u-joint driveshaft, but not Camaro.  Did any 69 Firebirds come with THM400's?  Also, if the 69 THM400 Camaro used the large u-joint
dirveshaft, what yoke was used on the rear?  It would stand to reason that this yoke would need to fit the large u-joint as well - correct?  The reason for this question
is that I have never seen a large u-joint pinion yoke for sale anywhere.  Is there a separate part number "back in the day" for the THM400 pinion yoke? 

Ultimately, I will need to get the correct dirveshaft and pinion yoke and I can use some assistance here. 


Title: Re: 68 turbo 400 driveshaft
Post by: Tinkerr on March 03, 2006, 03:48:12 PM

Thanks for the pics.I have several ?'s,If you would indulge me.What is the length of the 400 vs the standard.I wonder if the 400 could be easily indentified by the round balancing weight vs the square one on the standard?Additionally did the trans yoke use a odd u-joint,considering that the 400 used a bigger joint you wouldn't be able to interchange the trans yoke from  shaft to shaft which appears to have happened often.Are the u-joint clips the same on both driveshafts(the sqeeze type and on the outboard side?Thanks for your help!!!!