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Title: 1968 "MUNCIE" stamp, D90 colors
Post by: vtfb68 on May 31, 2008, 03:30:21 AM
Hi all,
 I have Two questions.
    1 Were in fact all 68 muncie shifters stamped MUNCIE? Mine is not.
    2 The paint page states that a 1968 Camaro painted LeMans blue should have the D90 stripe painted white, I saw no exceptions
        listed. My car has the RS black sill, rear BB black-out, the D90 stripe is visible in the sun through the $29.95 paint job that was
        on the car when I bought it in 1980 from the second owner. The car has a Black vinyal top. I power washed Earl's paint over
        the stripe and it is also black (white would be ulgy - Three tone paint !) The car was unmolested except for the radio was
        replaced, it had deep set 6" low-rider rims, and Ansen ground grabber traction bars. so I belive it is all original. any feed back
       or comments on these subjects would be great.
Title: Re: 1968 "MUNCIE" stamp, D90 colors
Post by: Jerry@CHP on May 31, 2008, 04:05:04 AM

My thoughts on the shifters is this.  If the car had a Muncie transmission, it received a factory stamped Muncie handle.  If the car was equipped with a Saginaw trans, there was no name on the handle.  This is also what I remember seeing when the cars were new.  It should also be noted that replacement GM Muncie shifters did not have the Muncie name stamped on them and many were replaced under warrantee due to shifting failure and a bad design.  I talk about this in my 67-68 Camaro fact book.

Many have stated to me that they know of other cars with a Muncie trans and no name on the handle but whos to know if these examples were not replaced under warrantee.  Too many years later to know for sure.

Title: Re: 1968 "MUNCIE" stamp, D90 colors
Post by: vtfb68 on May 31, 2008, 05:25:33 AM
MMMMM.... I did not Know of a shifter recall,  thanks for that tid-bit. the bottom shifter housing that bolts to the cross member is blue. would there be any P/N's, date codes or any other way to tell if it original or replacement, also it does have a stablizer bar from the linkage
Title: Re: 1968 "MUNCIE" stamp, D90 colors
Post by: Jerry@CHP on May 31, 2008, 03:20:05 PM
There was not a shifter recall but many were replaced under warrantee because they would lock up in between gears.  it's due to the design where as these shifters bolt to the cross member and when the engine torques up, the linkage binds and the shifters do not work properly.  That is why GM changed to a Hurst in 1969.

The reverse lock out was also redesigned in the service replacements and a spring was added to make them work better going ito reverse.  Bottom line is they were just terrible shifters for performance and winding through the gears with your car.