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Title: X-22
Post by: camaro41701 on November 09, 2007, 01:42:27 AM
What would be something I could look for on the body that would tell me this car is not a rebody.All #'s match motor,trans,rear,and the hidden # on top of the firewall.It also has the P.O.P. with it and all those #'s match the car.It is a 396-325,4 speed,no tach or gauges.I forgot to look to see if it had the dual exhaust plate on the left side,or should it have?It also had the return fuel line.
I was also wandering about the worth.I am going to have to give around $26,000.It is a driver quality car.Needs 1/4's,outer wheelhouses,dropoffs, and some floor work.All of the sheetmetal had been changed years ago but the ones I mentioned were kind of shabby done.Paint looks real good on the rest of the car.
Title: Re: X-22
Post by: william on November 09, 2007, 03:26:28 AM
Look for alpha-numeric run dates on the inner structure of sheetmetal. Those who know more should jump in but I believe the number corresponds to the week the part was stamped. A 10A '69 I know of had H 39 and H 40 stamped into the rear quarter panels in the upper corners of the trunk opening. That works out to late September '69.
Title: Re: X-22
Post by: camaro41701 on November 17, 2007, 03:57:06 AM
I  bought the car today.All #'s looked good.After checking the car over good it has been in an accident.Not extremely bad,but the firewall has been wrinkled up right around the upper fender bolt under the hood.How can I change these pieces without getting slammed by everyone for taking the data plate and the partial serial # on top of the firewall off and putting them back on?I will not have to bother the one under the blower motor.
Should I just take plenty of pictures of the process?Should I just keep the hidden vin with the POP,and not even weld it back in?As far as legality I know what I can do.I just don't want to get slammed every time I turn around because they can tell this stuff has been done.I am not wanting to hide what I am doing just wandering what would be best to do for later down the road if I decide to move it.