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Title: Bucket Seat Problem, new to forum
Post by: dansz28 on December 01, 2021, 01:56:51 PM
Hello all Camaro brothers and sisters.
New to forum but not cars....I've been in the car business for 45 yrs.
Current baby is a 1968 true Z28 R/S w/ VIN # matching 302. It's a keeper!
Anyway I am now recovering my seats and discovered my car has 2 right side buckets. I did notice a while back that the tracks were wrong and picked up correct ones at Carlisle.
Here is the weird part; the drivers back part is correct w/ the latch on the left but the bottom has the catch on the right!
I have three parts covered nicely and now I'm stuck. It doesn't look like any beef there to drill and tap for the 2 bolts.
So I'm asking for suggestions, or if someone knows where I can find a drivers seat bottom, any condition?
Also I know 69 is different w/ headrest but is the bottom the same?
I am in Myrtle Beach, SC and from Phila PA area which we visit often.
Thanks for any help! Dan