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Title: BB Long WP Vintage Air Pulley Setup with PS
Post by: ko-lek-tor on June 05, 2017, 10:04:15 PM
Helping a fella with his pulleys in his BB ac,ps,car running vintage air w/ long style h2o. Here is what V.A. recommends"
PS pulley 3941107 2 groove
crank 14025185 3 groove. I have been led to believe that the 3937787 is the earlier number for the same part?
W.P. 14023155 2 groove (outer groove larger than inner).

 Here are my questions. Can it be said with certainty that the 2 crank pulleys interchange or that the "787" can substituted for the 5185?
I have the PS pulley. (1107)
Can I get a recommendation of another (besides the 3155) wp pulley that will work with this setup? The 3932430 that is specified for 69 BB AC, C60, shows a single groove pulley, unlike the 3155 2 groove
Last- Is there any difference in the pulley height on a 69 vs 71 AC-PS long W.P. pulley alignment because of redesigned brackets?