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Title: Limited distributor rotation with crankcase vent tube installed
Post by: 1967RS/SS on March 19, 2017, 04:49:51 AM
My car: '67 L48 350 with K24 & K19

I Just installed this crankcase vent tube: (

And after dropping in the distributor, I noticed there is now limited rotation of the distributor.  Will this cause a problem when trying to time the motor?

I ask because I was using the test light method to set static timing mentioned in one of David Vizard's book but couldn't get the light to go off due to the lack of distributor rotation.  I have about 4" of rotation before the distributor hits either the vent tube or intake manifold.

Also, when the nut is installed on this bolt:
it's pretty tight and a distributor wrench doesn't get much travel when tightening or loosening the distributor hold down bolt.  Is this normal as well?