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Title: Cooling fan - 3937779
Post by: asm69 on March 10, 2016, 10:18:08 PM
Wanted to get the correct cooling fan for my early produced Z (Oct 1968). According to CRG forum, the correct fan blade should be 3937779. According to the ncrs group, Early 69 Z28's used fan # 3937779 made by Schwitzer and fan # 3947838 made by Hayes-Albion sometimes stamped "84" (both 2" pitch).

So, can I use the 3937779 or 3947838 fan ?

Thank you
Title: Re: Cooling fan - 3937779
Post by: ko-lek-tor on March 11, 2016, 12:38:30 AM
I am pretty sure the research article says either were used, interchangeably,(you said CRG Forum, but I will provide a link to the research article if you have not read that) because their were two vendors supplying the fans. Picture a huge bin filled with fans from one vendor and a shipment of more fans comes in from another vendor. Back then, no one said, hey use this fan or that fan on a certain model. No, everything was piled together and whatever was grabbed for that day's assembly for a particular engine application was what was used. Re-read the research article if that is what you used to get to your question. Sometimes I have to read things several times till it makes sense. (Not implying you have a reading comprehension impairment) 
To answer your question, either should pass as acceptable as correct for your Z.