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Title: Found old title to a 1969 V8 Camaro......
Post by: 8ballracing on July 08, 2014, 05:36:19 AM
I was going threw some old car papers and I found a Camaro title from 1980. 

Los build, last four digits of vin 7202

Not sure how to go about pm me if you have these last four digits in your Los built along with any one of the other three numbers and its position and I will let you know if it is yours.  Not sure if the car is still out there but it was a big block and it was wrecked when I bought it.....  fellow kept the motor......I am not sure if it went to Camaro heaven or I sold it to someone for parts....long time ago.

8 Ball

I will mail to owner if found.   I have already sent full vin to Kurt....