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Title: Choosing the correct window molding clips ?
Post by: DAVEN1256 on May 22, 2014, 03:30:37 PM
I want to make sure I am getting the correct windshield and rear window molding clips for my '68 coupe.

I know you can order them out of just about any catalog but I have read several posts that recommend going with Auveco clips. When I look in Auveco's catalog, they show many different GM front and rear window clips. They do not give specific models or specific years. All they say is something like "GM 1967-- On, GM 1965 - On, GM 1968 - On, and like that.

I can't tell from that which one would be correct for my car. Any suggestions?
Also, I have a mystery with the rear window clips I pulled out of my car. The don't look like any of the clips shown in the catalogs Mine look like this.....with a serrated edge on one side of the slot.......

( (

All the ones in the part catalogs look like this.......

( (

I know that the rear window on this car was pulled and re-sealed in the late 70's. Is it possible the glass shop back then just used what they had on hand and that the original clips from the factory should have looked like the ones in the catalog?

Title: Re: Choosing the correct window molding clips ?
Post by: cook_dw on May 22, 2014, 08:56:20 PM
What little research I did when I was putting the front and back glass in my 67 was the one you have labeled rear with the serrated edge was the front and the ones like in the catalogs were the rear.

I ordered them off ebay.

The front windshield: (

Back glass: (

I can post pictures of what the extra clips look like once I get home.  Fit was nice and tight and they are even with the body (referring to the trim).

( (

( (

( (

( (

I didnt take any pics of the back glass but the fit and finish was the same.
Title: Re: Choosing the correct window molding clips ?
Post by: DAVEN1256 on May 26, 2014, 05:48:16 PM
Darrell.......thanks for pictures and the Ebay links.

I still want to try the Auveco clips before using another brand.

Can anyone comment on where to get the correct Auveco front and rear clips?

I called Auveco and they could not tell me which of their clips were correct for the '68 camaro coupe.

They do have a GM part number cross reference with each of their clips and they said that's what I would have to go by.  I see in the Ebay ad for Darrell's front window clips, they were CHQ brand and had a GM cross reference number which I could match to a clip in the Auveco catalog. The brand or a GM cross reference number was not given in the ad for his rear clips.

Even if I can find the GM part number for the rear clips, I would still need to know where I could buy them. For all the people in past posts who recommended Auveco clips, they had to buy them somewhere.

Title: Re: Choosing the correct window molding clips ?
Post by: DAVEN1256 on June 02, 2014, 02:08:08 AM
I was told by Scott (Sauron327) that W & E Sales Co, Inc. makes a good clip. I was able to find the W & E clips locally here in Orlando at a jobber called Albert Kemperle, Inc. I am going to pick them up tomorrow.