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Title: canadian protectoplate
Post by: jimbo67rag on January 21, 2014, 05:12:01 AM
I have been trying to decipher the  protecto plate for my 67 ragtop. The car was purchased in Ontario Canada in July 1967. The protectoplate is still attached to the back page of the  original owner protection plan booklet. The problem is it does not look at all like the protectoplate example on the CRG site. Are the Canadian protectoplates different from the U S ones and is there any info available that could help me with my Canadian protectoplate. I have been able to ascertain the rear axle is a 308 10 bolt non posi dated June 13 from the Detroit Gear and axle 1st shift.  I have also confirmed, to the best of my knowledge, it still has the born with 327.  I will attempt to find out what the original manual tranny is, as it is in a box under my work bench. The car has a 4 speed standard in it right now. (Still haven't had time to discover what the tranny in the car is yet.)  I just purchased the car this past summer and immediately put it in storage while I built my garage.  The garage is finished and I am now busy renovating the house from top to bottom.  This reno is unfortunately preventing me from spending much time on the car. I am going to attempt to post some pics soon.   I am not the most proficient person when it comes to computers so it may take a bit of work.  Is there a section on this great site that gives instructions on how to post pics?  Thanks Jimbo         
Title: Re: canadian protectoplate
Post by: 1968RSZ28 on January 21, 2014, 07:01:01 AM

Read this...

Title: Re: canadian protectoplate
Post by: jimbo67rag on January 21, 2014, 03:03:48 PM
That is interesting . Thanks for the info Paul. I really appreciate it. It sure is fun putting the pieces of the puzzle together on this car.  It could not be done without the vast knowledge of CRG.  In 1976 I bought a 67 camaro 350 4 speed m22 tranny, standard interior off a guy who said he used to bracket race it in Ontario. I lived in Alberta then. I wish I had access to this kind of info back then.  I would really like to know what I had and the history of the car. 60's muscle was easy to come by then and First Gens Camaros were no exception. Lots of #'s matching cars around and they were relatively cheap. I paid $2000.00 for mine and it was very nice.  Sold it 2 years later for $2200.00.  Just one of the many I should have kept. Like the following that I have owned over the years from 76 till now.   66 Beaumont 283 bucket seat car,62 chevy II nova ragtop, 75 mgb,#'s  72 Camaro z28, 67 firebird bucket seat 326 #,s ragtop, 64 acadian beaumont, #'s 71 Camaro 307 hounds tooth bucket seat car, 2 tone silver and black 1958 Canadian Impala mild custom with 350 LT1 red tuck and role interior,1967 Camaro ss/rs clone ragtop with a zz4 crate engine. And now this #'s 67 ragtop. Like everyone else on this site I should have kept them all.  Thanks again Paul.       
Title: Re: canadian protectoplate
Post by: cruizin69 on March 31, 2016, 02:13:41 PM
I have a Canadian Protecto Plate what info on the plate are you asking about?
Mine has type of carb
Engine production date
Rear Axle Date
Vehicle Build Month
Trans Date
Original Owner Address
Title: Re: canadian protectoplate
Post by: bcmiller on March 31, 2016, 05:05:50 PM
You posted in a thread that is over 2 years old...might not hear back.