Feature Car: October/November 2016

1969 Camaro Z28, owned by CRG member Lawrence Shaw

Lawrence is the fourth owner of this car. It has been well taken care of, and the second owner had the car from 1971 to 2013. Some NOS parts were included with the vehicle purchase.

The car retains it's original 302 engine, M21 transmission, BU coded 3.73 rear axle and the Protect-o-Plate. Options on the POP include radio and power disc brakes.

Some of the following photos are vintage pics of the car from the early 70s. These pics are of the second owner and his sister.

Much of the exterior paint appears to be original. Lawrence has cleaned and polished the paint with Mecquiers 83 and a buffer. The paint reacted well to the buffer, but acid rain from the 70ís has impregnated the paint in some areas.

The black standard bucket seat interior (711 code) is also original.

The engine was rebuilt by the third owner, bored .030 with all receipts and a copy of the machine work from the machine shop. It does still retain its original carb, intake, smog, exhaust manifolds and non-dripper valve covers.

Lawrence - Thank You for submitting your photos and the history of your car!


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