Feature Car: June/July 2017

1969 Camaro RS/SS 396/375 hp, owned by Steve Shauger

Steve Shauger is the owner of this Lemans Blue 1969 RS/SS 396/375 hp Camaro. Most of the history is known on this car, including the information on the order and purchase by the original owner from the dealership. Steve located the car on the internet in July of 2000 and was lucky enough to be the first caller. He immediatly offered to purchase the car and sent a deposit overnight. The owner at that time was overwhelmed by the response he got from many potential purchasers, changed his mind and decided not to sell the car. The deposit was returned. Steve kept in contact, and later the owner felt bad about backing out of the deal. So he agreed (again) to sell the car. Before paying for the car in full in person, Steve wanted to see if he could get it running. The car had sat for 6 years. The engine was prepped with Mystery Oil (great stuff by the way) and the engine was turned over manually by rotating the crank. A battery was then installed, and she fired right up! The owner developed mixed feelings about selling the car (yet again!) now that it was running. Well after some serious talk and a little more negotiating, the price went up a little, but the purchase was completed.

The car was ordered from Harbor Chevrolet in Long Beach, CA in May of 1969 and the owner took delivery on July 17. The original owner was 19 at the time, and his father financed the car. By 1971, with a wife and baby, the car became impractical and was traded for a Pontiac Bonneville. Interestingly, the car was ordered in California, but due to a strike at the Van Nuys plant and limited production at that time, the car was built at Norwood.

In 2004, Steve had an opportunity to purchase a Yenko Camaro, and this car was sold to a friend. It then changed hands a few times amongst other friends. Starting around 2010, Steve started to want the car back. After six years of persistence, it was purchased back and it arrived home with Steve in May of 2016.

Very little maintenance had been performed on the car, so the brakes were rebuilt, the fuel line was replaced and the car was tuned up. Replacment of the front seat foam and covers was just completed very recently. Steve considers this car as a driver, but it is a genuine SS 396 and is very solid with all original sheetmetal. Steve owns some concourse restorations, but his goal moving forward is to purchase drivers and survivors. This car is a great driver! This car has the original drivetrain (L78, M21, BU coded 3.73 positraction 12 bolt rear), the original Protect-o-Plate and Harbor Chevrolet Sales Journal. This journal indentifies the VIN, purchaser, salesman, selling price, deposit and trade-in. The car is coded as X22D80 on the trim tag (SS 396 with style trim and spoiler option).

The long term plan for the car is to pull the engine and replace the gaskets and seals, because it does have some leaks.

Steve - Thank You for submitting your photos and the history of your car!

- Bryon Miller



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