Feature Car: April/May 2017

1969 Camaro Z28, owned by Bill Foos

Bill Foos is the owner of this Burgundy 1969 Z28 Camaro. He purchased the car in the spring of 2012, after having a heart attack the previous fall - at the age of 45. He thought if he was going to get one - he better hurry up! Bill checked with a friend, who always seemed to have something interesting around. He found out that he had a Nova and this Z28. Bill saw the car on ebay while he was recovering, and had no idea that his friend had bought the car. Here is what is known. This is an 03D built car with its original engine, transmission and BV axle. The car is an X33, standard interior, console and gauges, painted burgundy. The pic below on the left is a vintage pic from the 70s. The pic below on the right is before restoration.

The original owner bought the car from Lemke Chevy in Hubbard Ohio. He installed Mr. Gasket front drag shocks, Lakewood traction bars, 4.88 gears, a blow proof bellhousing, the 140 off road cam, new springs and Hooker headers. Bill has the headers and they are in very nice shape. It is believed that at one time the car had a double pumper carb on it, since the breather was removed from the air cleaner base.

The original owner did some local "non-track" racing and also went to some of the local drag strips. Bill found an ear plug and a pencil from Thompson Dragway under the seats. Supposedly the car ran in the high 12s in the quarter mile. The engine was balanced in early 70s, and Bill found the bearings that were in it when the engine was checked over were dated 1971. The son told Bill that it used oil after this, and so and was not driven much. Bill also talked to the daughter. She said that she sat in it in the family garage when she was younger - and occasionally the car went for a trip around the block. She also said that her parents got engaged in the car and that her dad hid the ring in the glove box!

In 1996, the original owner gave the car to his son, with 12,000 miles on it! The son sold the car in 2011 and it found its way to eBay in the fall/early winter. Bill talked to the man who bought it from the son, and he said at that time it still had the original front tires on it but that the wheels were Cragars which has become rusty. At that time, the car had the original, unused spare in it and looked like new. When Bill got the car, the spare was gone. He later found out that it was sold on eBay (a few months after the car sold). The last known whereabouts of that spare were in the black original paint Z28 that another CRG member had. Two more pics before restoration are included below.

Bill was on the fence about restoring this car. The car had less than 13,000 original miles, but it had at least some small issue with about every panel. The hood had a burnt spot from a carb fire, passenger door was dinged up along the crease, plus the paint was off at the top of the sail panel. The decision was made to do the restoration, and put it back to fresh from the factory condition. Engine pics after restoration included below.

The engine is still standard bore and the 140 cam was kept. Once the engine was opened up, Bill noted that it "had to be the cleanest engine I had ever seen inside". During the restoration, the 4.88 gears were replaced with 4.10 (the original ratio). Approximately 95% of the original bolts were kept. About the only ones replaced where those that hold the inner and outer fenders together. All of the sheet metal is original, along with the entire interior - except for the package tray. Very few if any parts were changed, and if they were - Bill only used NOS parts or clean originals. That included quarter gills and wheel well moldings. The original trunk weatherstrip (with the orange line on it visible) was used. The car was inspected by Jerry M., and anything listed as wrong was corrected.

Bill said it seemed to be a slow job, but that Camaros are "pretty easy to work on". He appreciates all the help from his CRG friends - who gave advice and information. Some even did some of the restoration work. All great friends!

Bill - Thank You for submitting your photos and the history of your car!

- Bryon Miller



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