Feature Car: April/May 2016

1967 RS/SS 396 (L78), owned by CRG member dino67

The Feature Car this month is pretty special, a 1967 L78 convertible! This car is owned by CRG member dino67, also known as "Dino".

The two images below are vintage pics of the car at Union Grove from the early 80s.

Dino purchased the car in 1978, from a friend - who bought the car in 1977. Dino has owned it for the last 38 years. The full early history is not known. But here is what we do know. Information from the Protect-o-Plate shows this car was originally purchased from Cole Chevrolet in Yancyville, NC. After contacting the original owner, it was found the he had owned it for 4 or 5 years, then sold it to someone in New Jersey. It seems that the second owner may have installed the side marker lights.

When Dino bought the car, the white top was new, but the exterior was still painted the factory color (Bolero Red). It also had the original Custom Parchment/Black Strato Bucket Seats (without headrests). Although the original L78 was long gone, a 427 was in its place.

The car was driven daily, but also raced, as seen in the vintage photos above.

In addition to what was already mentioned, this car has the following original factory options: (A01) Tinted All Glass, (A39) Belts All Deluxe, (D33) Left Side Remote Mirror, (D55) Console Front compartment, (J50) Power Assisted Brakes, (N40) Power Steering, (U69) AM/FM pushbutton Radio, (V32) Rear Large Bumper Guards, (Z22) Rally Sport Package, (Z23) Interior Decor group.

The current 427 cubic inch engine (CE block) was built to L72 specs in the early 80s. The original Muncie transmission and PJ coded 3.73 rear end housing are still in place.

A nice driver quality paint job was done in October 2014. The black top (correct color for the car) was installed in January 2015. Future plans for the car include trying to put it back to as close to stock as possible, as time and money allow.

Dino - thank you for submitting your photos and history of your car!


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