Feature Car October/November 2015

This is the second month of a test. Depending on how things go, there may be one "Feature Car" per month, with a writeup about the car. The feature car does not have to be a show car. This is an opportunity for you to share some of the details about your vehicle. The car this month is owned by Neil Miller.

This 1968 Camaro was built the fifth week of October in 1967 at the Norwood Assembly plant. The original exterior color was Ash Gold and it had gold standard interior. The car was most likely an L30/M20 car based on information gathered up to this point.

This was a drag race car for at least part of it's life. The car did receive a partial restoration at some point. It currently has a 350 engine bored 0.030 over. The block is an early 70s "010" casting number block with 4 bolt main caps and forged pistons. The engine has a Crane custom solid roller camshaft that was designed and ordered around 1980. It was used in several of the owners other engines previously, including a DZ 302 that was run in a 1967 Camaro SS with an M21 and 4.88 gears. The top end includes aftermarket aluminum heads with 2.02/1.60 stainless valves and full roller rocker arms. The intake is an Elderbrock Air Gap with an 800 cfm Holley carb. Compression ratio is around 11 to 1.

The transmission is an M21, feeding back into the original BL coded 12 bolt housing which currently has a 3.90 gear set and a positraction unit. The wheels are Cragar S/S with BFG tires - 215/65R15 front and 255/70R15 rear. Hoosier drag radials are also easily swapped onto this car.

The current paint color is Tuxedo black (lacquer). It is an older paint job and has some very minor issues. However, the car has won numerous car show awards the past 8 years. The SS hood and "velocity stack" inserts were added, and the interior has been changed to black houndstooth. Some other changes from original include a Mallory ignition system, line lock, drag shocks and a scatterproof bellhousing.

Future plans for the car include driving it and enjoying it. The owner has several other engines that could go in the car, including a 1970 LS5 destroked to 427 with custom pistons. An aluminum headed 406 with six inch rods may also be an option, along with dropping down to 3.55 gears in the rear.

Car was sold October 2017.


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