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Technical Articles and Resources

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Primary Author - John Hinckley
Version: Tuesday, 22-Jun-2021 14:56:51 EDT

The following are CRG Research Reports and technical articles written by CRG member John Hinckley (aka JohnZ). John wrote the technical articles for Corvette Enthusiast Magazine. There are also several relevant Tech Columns from the Corvette Enthusiast Magazine that respond to a reader's question about a technical problem. We are pleased to be able to publish these articles on the CRG site. They provide a wealth of practical information on relevant topics.
There are also links to a few other resources relevant to the Camaro.

The articles are in pdf format and Adobe Reader is required to view them. It is free to download at Adobe. Some of the files are large (up to 5 MB).

These articles and columns are the copyright property of the Camaro Research Group, and are subject to the same restrictions as any other data on our web site.


CRG Research Reports, by John Hinckley


Technical Articles by John Hinckley

Tech Bench Columns, by John Hinckley

Each of these responds to a reader's question about a technical problem and offers recommendations and solutions.


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